The concept of cat bars – See details

Cat bars are very popular in Japan. In recent years, they have been thriving in Europe and in France. These are bars or tea rooms in which customers are surrounded by cats! Do you love these little felines? So don’t hesitate any longer and go inside!

What is a cat bar?

A cat bar is a place of relaxation that generally functions like a traditional bar where you can drink and nibble with the added bonus of free-roaming cats around you. The establishments are decorated and fitted out specifically for cats: cat trees, scratching posts, games, cat library and other accessories… Everything is designed above all for them! This is where the cat is king!

Some cat bars have a partnership with an association or the SPA and claim respect and well-being for these little furballs.

In some bars, it is even possible to adopt the cats that are there.

The birth of cat bars

The first cat bar was born in Taiwan, Japan, at the end of the 1990s and since then, around a hundred establishments have been created in the country. In Japan, the concept is slightly different from that described above. Indeed, there, spending time with the cats is a service billed by the hour. In addition, these places generally have a theme such as the breed of cats for example. Finally, very strict regulations in respect of animals must be respected.

This concept conquered Europe and the rest of the world from the 2000s. In France, the first cat bar was created in Paris in 2013. Today, most major French cities have one.

Why test a cat bar?

The cat bar is supposed to provide calm and relaxation to its visitors, thanks to the soothing vibrations of the cats but also to the games with the animals which reduce stress. This is called purring therapy.

You don’t have a pet? These places are designed to spend some time with the cats, that’s good. It is a good alternative to adoption. And if you feel like it, you even have the possibility of adopting a cat and getting to know each other better as you visit.

What are the rules specific to the cat bar?

  • An airlock at the entrance so that cats cannot go on the public road
  • A closed kitchen inaccessible to cats
  • Hand gel to disinfect before and after touching the animals
  • A private room for cats to rest away from the crowds whenever they want
  • Respect for the cat and its desires, in particular letting the cat come as it pleases and not forcing it
  • A ban on feeding cats, disturbing them … generally indicated on the bar menu

Cat bar owners are generally in love with these felines and do their best to make them feel comfortable. Do not hesitate to discover the many cat bars in the four corners of France and take advantage of purring therapy! You will find many games to make your little animal happy in our shop.

The concept of cat bars – See details

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