20 ANIMALS in T – Names and PHOTOS!

Animals in T

The biodiversity that surrounds us allows us to constantly learn. When you feel like you know a lot about animal species, you realize that, in fact, you still have a lot to learn. A good way to classify animals and do it by the letter they start with. In addition, let’s not lie to ourselves, this type of classification generally allows us to win at the small bac! Whether you want to learn more about T-animals or are looking for a T-animal to win the baccalaureate game, this article from PlanèteAnimal is for you!

Discover 20 animals in T!

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What are the animals in T?

List of animals in T:

  1. Tuna
  2. Tortoise
  3. Tarantula
  4. Tiger
  5. Mole
  6. Toucan
  7. Termites
  8. Bull
  9. emperor tamarin
  10. Tapir
  11. Trout
  12. Tench
  13. Tigrillon
  14. Horsefly
  15. Tanuki
  16. Tapeworm
  17. Bull
  18. Tarsier
  19. Tadpoles
  20. tick
Animals in T - What are animals in T?

Tuna (Thunnus)

The term “Tuna” is a vernacular word which makes it possible to refer to several species of oceanic fish which belong to the famous family of scombrids.

These species are white, red, yellow, bigeye and skipjack tuna.

This species, much appreciated for its consumption, is unfortunately exposed to many threats, the main one being overfishing.

Animals in T - Tuna (Thunnus)


Turtle (Testudines)

The second animal that begins with T that we are going to tell you about is the famous Tortoise. As with tunas, there are many species of turtles and all have different sizes and characteristics, such as tortoises, aquatic turtles and hybrid turtles.

They are famous for their low gait and their indestructible shell on which there are many beautiful patterns. Also, did you know that part of their spine is welded to the dorsal part of their shell? Some turtles can live a very long time and this is the reason why they are generally associated with wisdom and serenity.

Find out all about the turtle’s diet as well as the turtle as a pet!

Animals in T - Turtle (Testudines)

Tarantula (Lycosa tarantula)

Who has never heard of this animal in T? The tarantula is a spider native to Taranto, an Italian province that gave it its name.

According to the myth that surrounds this spider, the bite of a tarantula plunged the victim into a state of lethargy which preceded the death of the person. To counter the effects of this bite, the people of the Taranto region danced the Tarantella.

To discover the dangerous spiders of France, it’s here: Dangerous spiders in France – Species and photos

Animals in T - Tarantula (Lycosa tarantula)

Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Who doesn’t love tigers? Nobody, we agree that their magnificent orange coat with black stripes fascinates us all.

Unfortunately, this animal in T is critically endangered and it is we, the human beings, who are mainly responsible for it. Illegal hunting, the use of its bones in traditional Chinese medicine and the destruction of its environment have gradually decimated its populations.

Like most big cats, the tiger can also roar, but it also has the distinction of being an excellent swimmer (like the jaguar). All these characteristics make the tiger an excellent predator.

Find out all about tiger food!

Animals in T - Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Mole (Talpidae)

These T-animals are absolutely fantastic. These animals belong to the order of Insectivora, in which we find moles. Although when we think of moles, we think of burrowing and underground animals, did you know that desmans, animals that look like moles, are aquatic?

Moles can’t see very well because underground they don’t really need it. They don’t have an outer ear either, and they’re super recognizable because of their gorgeous little whiskers.

Are moles blind? Find out in the following article: Is the mole blind?

Animals in T - Mole (Talpidae)

Toucan (Ramphastidae)

Characterized by its large beak and bright colors, the toucan is a forest bird of the Americas. They are arboreal animals and they live in the canopy of dense forests. Although they can migrate in search of new food sources, toucans are sedentary animals.

As a curiosity, toucans are animals that spend their entire lives with the same partner, yes, they are monogamous animals that can end up forming families of 4 specimens.

Find out all about the toucan’s diet!

Animals in T - Toucan (Ramphastidae)

Termites (Isoptera)

This T-shaped animal is very feared by human beings… Yes, termites, which are small insects that build mound-shaped nests and feed on wood, have managed to become a real threat to humans. .

Did you know that termites are related to cockroaches rather than ants? There are different types of termites and adult individuals are differentiated into castes.

Discover more animals that eat wood!

Animals in T - Termites (Isoptera)

Bull (Bos taurus)

On our list of animals in T, the magnificent, sumptuous bull could not be missing! Known to be the husband of the cow, the bull is a powerful ruminant with a size of 1 m 30 for a weight which oscillates between 300 and 450 kg.

Discover all the differences between bull and ox!

Animals in T - Bull (Bos taurus)

Other animals con T

Let’s see more animals in T:

  • emperor tamarin
  • Tapir
  • Trout
  • Tench
  • Tigrillon
  • Horsefly
  • Tanuki
  • Tapeworm
  • Bull
  • Tarsier
  • Tadpoles
  • tick

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20 ANIMALS in T – Names and PHOTOS!

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