Volpino italiano: appearance, care, training and character

The Volpino italiano is a Spitz type dog of very ancient origins. It is one of the most popular companion dogs, but it also knows how to assert itself as a guardian thanks to its strong temperament and its territorial and protective attitude towards the owner. Let’s find out everything there is to know about this exuberant little guy.

Volpino italiano, an intelligent, affectionate and playful dog

As the name reveals, the Volpino italiano is a dog of Italian origin from the family of Spitz which includes some of the purest and most ancient dog breeds, historically used for various tasks (towing, hunting, companionship). They are part of this group, theAlaskan Malamutethe Siberian HuskyL’American Akitathe Samoyedthe Volpino di Pomerania and many other strong, courageous and very intelligent dogs.

Why is the Italian volpino called so?

A bit of history. As mentioned, the origins of the Italian Volpino are very ancient. It is one of the most distinguished descendants of the European Spitz whose earliest traces can be traced back toBronze Age. Remains of this dog breed have been found in many central regions of the Old Continent near the stilt posts of some lakeside villages.

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In Italy, the Volpino has had great success since time immemorial. Bred and loved in an aristocratic environment and by ordinary people like guard and companion dogthe Italian Volpino was the dog of Michelangelo Buonarroti in the 18th century.

The most ancient and illustrious testimony of its presence in the Italian courts dates back to 1502. This is the oil painting on canvas “The vision of St. Augustine”, the work of Vittore Carpaccio, which portrays an Italian Volpino perfectly recognizable in its features: short head, round eyes, long ears, small size.

The breed risked disappearing in 1965 when the number of specimens registered in the LOI was only 5. Today this danger seems to be completely averted.

volpino italiano

Volpino italiano: appearance and peculiarities

This is a small, looking dog compact physique, the hair straight, soft and long. The proportions are harmonic, the silhouette it is slim and presents itself from the first glance agile and snappy.

The coat is characterized by a long ‘raised’ coat, as the breed standard dictates, and supported by a undercoat thick and compact. Accepted colors are red and white, both uniform. The ears are small, triangular and erect. The tail is curled over the back. The muzzle is short and tapered. The weight is around 5 kgwhile the height is between i 25 and 28 cm for females and between 25 and 30 cm for males.

volpino italiano
The Italian fox needs attention and movement.

Volpino italiano: character and education

While being especially appreciated as pet dog, the Italian Volpino is very versatile, suitable for the guard and alert. Once, in fact, he accompanied the carters defending the cart during the stops, or he escorted the shepherds acting as a sentry ready to give the alarm in case of danger for the flocks. The character of him is playful and affectionate, despite being a energetic, attentive and decidedly protective dog towards the family.

He loves to entertain himself in the company of children with which he tends to give vent to his great charge of joy and exuberance. Depending on the character it can bark a lot, but if properly educated he knows how to contain himself and refrain from annoying behaviors.

It tends to be a dog obedient And easy to train, provided that the training is given with gentleness, firmness and patience. The exuberant and stubborn character of this little guy can be a problem if not properly managed from the first months of life.

If not well socialized in the first few months of life, this dog can become grumpy and quarrelsome with strangers and other dogs. Given its physical characteristics it is a dog suitable forAgility Dog.

In general, the Italian Volpino rarely suffers from any problems health. It is practically not affected by inherited pathologies typical of the breed. What you will need to assure him is one good ear and eye hygienefrequent brushing of the hair and periodic checks.

Suitable for life in the apartmentbut in need of daily movementwith long outings, walks and jogging that above all avoid the problem of overweight, according to many the only drawback of this breed.

volpino italiano

Volpino italiano: breeding and price

The Italian Volpino is a very dog long-lived and does not require special care or dietary and educational precautions. Life expectancy hovers around 14-15 yearsalthough even older specimens are known. The power supply ideal consists of modest quantities of meat, rice and vegetables.

Even the care of the coat is not particularly demanding since the vitreous texture of the hair it protects it from dirt.

The average price of an Italian Volpino puppy is about 800-900 $.

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Volpino italiano: appearance, care, training and character

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