Rising vet bills from November

Especially at a time when many consumers are starting to put money aside for electricity and gas bills due to rising prices, pet owners now have to dig deeper into their pockets when it comes to health check-ups for their pets.

The Veterinarian Fees Ordinance regulates how much money veterinarians may charge for their services. The new Fee Ordinance for Veterinarians (GOT) passed by the Federal Council will come into force on November 22nd and will make general veterinary examinations significantly more expensive.

Here you can find out why the Fee Ordinance was raised and what to do if you don’t have the money for your beloved pet.

Srising vet bills

“Unless otherwise specified, the amount of the individual fee is based on one to three times the fee rate,” says the fee schedule. From 22 November, for example, vaccinations for dogs and cats will cost EUR 11.50 instead of EUR 5.77.

previous price Price from November 22nd
First and second X-ray (each) €26.53 €32.07
castration €19.24 €30.32
General examination with advice (dogs) €13.47 €23.62
Inpatient accommodation per day without treatment and without food costs for one dog €16.03 €19.08
Vaccinations (cat / dog) €5.77 €11.50
General examination with advice (house birds) €7.04 €11.26
An exemplary selection of the increased veterinary costs from November 2022 (Source: MDR)

Reasons for the new fee regulation

The reason given by the Veterinarians’ Association for the increase: the current shortage of skilled workers. Higher bills could make the veterinary profession more attractive. In addition, a lot has happened in veterinary medicine since 1999 and the examination procedures have also become much more modern and therefore more expensive. Due to the increase, veterinary practices can also issue higher bills, which ultimately also enables many practices to continue to exist. The veterinarian fee schedule was last changed extensively in 1999. That was a good two decades ago. This year, the Federal Council approved a new version.

Adjustment of fees in times of inflation

The fact that the fee adjustment has to come at a time when many consumers have to start saving anyway because of the rising prices because they are afraid of the next electricity or gas bills poses another financial problem for many pet owners. Especially for pet owners, who have to turn over every euro twice, the significantly increased prices are all the more noticeable on the bank account.

The German Animal Welfare Association warns that mistresses and masters skip necessary treatments to save money. Suspensions and levies can also occur more frequently due to the financial overload.

For many people in financial distress, however, their pets are often the last emotional support. So what to do if you don’t have the money for your beloved animal?

Tips for pet owners

If it is still possible, we recommend that you make an appointment for your pet before November 22nd. Since the prices in general and also for animal feed are rising, it is also advisable to regularly set aside money for your animal and, above all, for any treatment that may be necessary. You can also take out animal health insurance. It is important to read the small print in the insurance conditions very carefully. In most cases, for example, only healthy animals can be insured. There are cheaper insurances such as surgical cost insurance, which only applies to operations, but these are often more expensive. In an emergency, organizations like Tieranker help people with pets in need.

So if you are currently considering getting a pet, you should keep in mind the cost factor, which will be added to the rising feed prices from November 22nd.

Leaving is not an option!

Fortunately, the abandonment of dogs is no longer so widespread because of the chip requirement in many federal states. Abandoning your pet is not an option, please contact an animal welfare organization or your local animal shelter in an emergency!

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