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The Siberian is a cat breed originating from Siberia with semi-long or even long hair. He is a very intelligent cat who can be trained like a dog. He is known to be very talkative without being annoying and very affectionate, especially with children.

History and origin

The Siberian cat is, as its name suggests, of Russian origin and more precisely from Siberia. The name Siberian was also given to them because of their waterproof mid-length coat. It has a layer of fine and dense undercoat allowing it to withstand the cold temperatures of winter.

Its origin is a source of much debate. Indeed, some believe that it is the result of many crosses between wild Ural cats and domestic cats. Others say they are crosses between Russian cats and Angora cats from the Middle East that arrived in travellers’ luggage. What is certain is that we still see today a wild cat very similar to the Siberian in Transcaucasia.

He has been known since the 19th century in Europe and North America. The Siberian cat was even present at the very first cat show in 1871 at the Crystal Palace in London. It was also presented in the United States in 1884 during an exhibition in New York. However, the Siberian disappeared from the scene for much of the twentieth century. For good reason, his country of origin was cut off from the rest of the world by the Soviet regime in power from 1917. It was only from the 1990s that he became famous in the rest of Europe and in South America. North. In 1997, the International Feline Federation (FiFé) recognized it as a breed in its own right.

Character and behavior

This cat proves to be convincing with families by its character very easy to live. It is an excellent climber who will love to take advantage of a garden or a cat tree. His constant urge to move will make him unhappy if he is locked up in an apartment. The Siberian is also known to love water, even a heavy downpour will not prevent him from going for a walk.

These cats are also very intelligent and even learn to use the doorbell. Regarding his temperament, he is a very loyal cat and close to his family. He loves the company of children and even other animals. He naturally goes to meet other cats and even dogs.

Health and diet

The Siberian is one of the healthiest breeds. Having long hair, it will nevertheless be necessary to take care of their coat. For this, it is advisable to get them used to being combed from an early age every two or three days.

A balanced diet is essential for the Siberian to enjoy a long healthy life. He needs a diet high in healthy protein and low in carbohydrates and fats to prevent him from gaining weight. Chicken and fish kibbles like these are perfect for keeping him healthy.

The Siberian is therefore the dream companion of families with the space necessary for their way of life. See details offers you several foods and various advice specially adapted to this breed. Also discover games and care for your cat’s hygiene.

The Siberian cat – See details

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