Beagle – Beagle: character, health, nutrition, grooming and care

All about the Beaglein Italian Braccoa breed of hunting dogs from medium sizeof English origin, also very popular with the family.

All about the Beagle, in Italian Bracchetta

Despite being a true hunting dog by nature, it is very easy to tame. He has good intelligence and a kind character, as well as a lively spirit and demeanor. The Beagle is ideal for children, with whom it can play. It is a dog that needs to walk a lot on a daily basis.

Let’s find out all about this breed of dogs very popular also in Italy.

Description and physical appearance of the beagle

The Beagle is a vigorous and distinguished dog, with a compact, lively and alert structure:

  • He has a strong head rectangular
  • The lip is square,
  • The ears are flat with a well rounded tip.
  • The eyes of color dark brown they have a lively expression.
  • The hair is shortdense and strong and resistant to atmospheric agents
  • There tail is thick, long and very hairy. It is generally held upright, even when at rest and practically only lowers when asleep.

How big a beagle gets: cut

The height measured at the withers obviously varies between males and females.

  • For males it fluctuates between 36 and 41 centimeters
  • Females vary between 35 and 38 centimeters

The length of the back oscillates between 42 and 48 centimeters in length, the chest has a circumference that varies from 45 to 50 centimeters on average while the neck has a circumference between 40 and 45 centimeters.


As for the height it depends on whether they are male or female.

  • For males, the ideal weight varies between 12 and 15 and a half kilograms
  • Females vary between 11 and 16 kilos.


All recognized colors for i are allowed houndsas long as the tip of the muzzle is white, but the beagle’s coat is thicker tricolorwith a black cloak bordered with brown, white belly, throat, muzzle and legs.

There are also two-tone beagles, mostly white and orange.

How many types of beagles are there?

As anticipated, they vary in terms of colors, with recognized tricolors, bicolors, spots, pied and solid colors.

A separate speech for the dwarf beagles that we have described to you in this deepening.

The Beagles

How long does a beagle live: life expectancy and health

It is a long-lived dog if well fed, with an average life expectancy between 12 and 15 years.

Unfortunately, the Beagle is prone to some diseases such as hypothyroidism. They can also suffer from infections ears or problems ophthalmic.

You must pay particular attention if you notice that your dog is not very active: l‘obesity it is a frequent phenomenon in this breed.

As anticipated, we must also keep an eye on the ears, which are drooping and could have some infections. Finally, it is necessary to monitor his weight, especially if he lives in an apartment or in the city, since tends to gain weight if you don’t get enough exercise.

How is the character of the beagle: behavior and education

The beagle is a dog that combines the best of qualities in a small size.

It’s a dog cheerful, bold, active, energetic and determined. very lively, intelligent and balanced.

It’s a lot resistant, very fast and with a good sense of smell.

The beagle should be brought to the country as soon as it is purchased, if the vet agrees, that is, from the age of 2 months, to familiarize himself with the smells of wildlife, which he should quickly become interested in. It can work alone, in pairs or in packs.

It is the hunting dog par excellence. It has a very fine sense of smell and a voice that allows it to be identified even at a great distance.


He is used to living with precise hierarchical markers. it is up to the master to establish these rules. Gifted with great qualities in the field, devoid of aggression, the beagle is also an excellent family companion, very kind in general to children, willingly shares their games.

The beagle is always happy with his fellows, he does not like to be alone. The ideal is to have at least two.

Diet: How Much Should a Beagle Eat?

A beagle’s diet should be that of a medium-sized dog.

  • A 3 month old puppy (once weaned) should eat 3 times a day.
  • The quantity increases up to the age of 6/7 months (maximum 200 grams per day of kibble).

The ideal is to keep the same food as the breeder (at least for the first few months) so as not to create digestive problems.

In adulthood, the diet varies according to the dog’s physical activity. A beagle that is used for hunting will need a high-protein diet, while a dog that is content with running around the garden will need a low-protein, less-quantity diet.

Beware, they tend to gain weight easily and are prone to allergies. An excess of protein can cause eczema and irritation.

The recommended dose for a regime is 300 grams of croquettes per day, distributed over two meals: morning and evening.

As the dog becomes older you will have to gradually reduce the amount of kibble. They often need soft foods that are easier to digest.

Your vet might advise you to administer one meal (in the evening) or two (one light in the morning and one heavier in the evening) and nothing between meals.


The beagle’s food should be given at the same time and place, with the dog eating alone in a quiet, secluded part of the house, after his owners.

Water is very important and must always be available. In case of excessive consumption, it is necessary to consult the veterinarian.

Beagle grooming and grooming

The coat of the beagle does not require special care. Brushing should be done once or twice a week and is sufficient to remove dead hair and dust. Particular attention should be paid to long ears, which must be cleaned regularly with a suitable product.

How much does a Beagle puppy cost

The value takes into account several factors such as female, male, pedigree, age of the puppies, which it must not exceed 6 months.

Beagle puppies

<>Beagle puppies

On average, a beagle puppy costs around 1000, 1200 Euro.

We recommend contacting specialized and certified ENCI farms.

Curiosity, history and origin

Some believe that the beagle is descended from ancient French hounds introduced to Britain around the 11th century (when William conquered it). It was crossed with harrier for hunting needs.

For others it is an English dog, used for several centuries for hunting hares (“beagling”). Finally, it is said that its origins may be much older and date back to ancient Greece!

It was in the 16th century that the beagle spread to England. His voice earned him the nickname “singing beagle”.

Henry VIII is said to have shown more affection and tenderness to the beagle than to his many wives!

Imported (or reintroduced) in Europe around 1860 by boatmen, since the Second World War it has become the most popular hunting dog in the world.

Why is it called a beagle?

The origin of the name “beagle” is also uncertain. It may derive from Old English “begle“, From the old French” beigle “or from the Celtic” beag “, all terms meaning”small“.

Q&A: questions and answers

Here are the answers to your questions about this dog breed

How to keep a beagle at home: is it suitable for city living in an apartment?

In general it is not a house dog. The beagle can adapt very well to city life but needs space to exercise. At home, it can also become a real one pet dogbut on average only 10% actually succeed.

For breeds with strong hunting instincts, such as the beagle, the city lifestyle can cause sadness if the dog is confined to an apartment all day.

Being a dog a lot lively and sparkling, he needs at least two long rides a day to maintain his muscles and avoid being overweight. Obviously he likes long rides in the countryside, not for nothing he is a hunter!


What are the faults of the beagle?

This dog breed has some small flaws, let’s see them together.

He barks a lot

Sometimes it has a tendency to abark a lot. Its barking, very characteristic of this breed, can even surprise but not too much if you think that it is an excellent alarm dog, if not a guard dog.

But this tendency to bark can be very problematic if you live in an apartment with your dog.

Tends to hunt …

It excels as a hunting dog, they are hardy, have a very developed sense of smell and can follow game for hours on end. But this hunting instinct can make coexistence with other animals difficult pets, especially with hamsters and cats that can arouse predatory tendencies in them. It is therefore important to ensure that the Beagle is well socialized so that it can easily accept other mates.

She is not very independent

The Beagle is a dog that stays close to its master and does not accept being left alone. It needs attention and pampering.

Otherwise, it may quickly fall into a deep depression. If you are regularly out and about and can’t go home during your lunch break, for example, to look after your dog, this breed may not be for you.

They are stubborn

Under the friendly and gentle aspect, this little dog hides a strong temperament, and this since he was a puppy. It is indeed particularly stubborn and, once launched, it is difficult to make it deviate from its course.

This statement applies more or less to all hunting dogs. The Beagle primarily relies on the sense of smell. When he smells a trace, can follow it for hours without getting tired and completely ignore the surrounding environmentincluding the master’s calls.

It is therefore important to be decisive and not to be fooled by the beagle’s charming and sometimes sad look. It is very important to train them well and give them enough time.

They tend to run away

This is the next flaw. Because they hunt efficiently, they are very athletic and hardy and are stubborn, Beagles they will not hesitate to escape if the occasion arisesAnd.

Unfortunately this is a particularly situation dangerousbecause it can lead to a accidentmostly road. If you leave your dog in the garden, make sure it is completely closed.

You should also avoid unleashing your dog during walks, unless he is in an and fenced area, like a dog park. This can seriously reduce a dog’s life expectancy, as it exposes them to accidents.

He loves to eat too much

He is a very dog gluttonous that devours everything that comes within range. We must therefore pay close attention to don’t spoil him too much to avoid causing health problems, since as we have seen it is sometimes prone to hypothyroidism, which promotes obesity.

Other hunting dogs of English origin

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Beagle – Beagle: character, health, nutrition, grooming and care

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