7 SOUNDS and CRIES of the GUINEA PIG – Meaning and identification!

Guinea Pig Cries and Noises - Meaning and Identification

Did you know that guinea pigs are able to make a wide variety of sounds? Although these little rodents appear to be quiet and quiet animals, the truth is that they rely on their own language which they use to communicate and convey information to other individuals, whether they are of their own kind or not. Thus, through its noises and cries, your guinea pig expresses its emotions and desires and it is important that, as a responsible guardian, you learn to interpret these sounds in order to offer him the best life possible.

Wondering about guinea pig noises? about the cries of the guinea pig? Well, find out their meaning through this article Guinea Pig Cries and Noises – Meaning and Identification of PlanetAnimal!

What are the cries and noises of the guinea pig?

Here is a list of guinea pig calls and noises:

  1. High-pitched and loud cries : “Beep beep beep”, it is a call to attract attention
  2. High and low cries : communication call between guinea pigs
  3. Growl with vibrating body : he is afraid
  4. Teeth grinding and/or hissing : angry guinea pig cry
  5. Tweets : unclear meaning
  6. Rumbling or rumbling : sound of guinea pig in heat
  7. Chutting : cry of the happy guinea pig

High-pitched and loud cries

If you have a guinea pig at home, this is probably the noise you hear the most. This sound of the guinea pig is characterized by a series of high-pitched, constant beeps or squeaks. He emits them repeatedly and loudly and they sound like a kind of “peep, peep, peep, peep”. In general, guinea pigs use these noises to attract the attention of another individual, such as that of their guardian. You may hear your guinea pig squealing when he hears you or sees you coming home after a long absence, when he wants to play with you, be cuddled or when he is hungry.

To know exactly what your guinea pig wants you need to consider the context in which he is making this noise and remember that if the squeaks are higher pitched, faster or louder than usual and the animal is nervous or agitated, it is possible that something is frightening it or that it is in pain somewhere. In this case, you need to find out what is wrong with him and taking him to the vet is always a good idea.

Guinea Pig Cries and Noises - Meaning and Identification - High and Loud Cries

High and low cries

This is the second most common guinea pig call. In general, guinea pigs squeak more gently but very quickly when they are in a group and they feel out of danger. It is thought to be a form of communication between conspecifics and in most cases denotes a state of calm and well-being.

It is also common for guinea pigs to make this sound when they leave their cage to explore a new space or when they freely explore the corners of the house.

Growl with vibrating body

Although purring is a unique characteristic of felines, guinea pigs are animals capable of making a similar kind of sound. It is a kind of growl associated with a slight vibration of the body. However, this type of “purr” does not always have the same meaning as that of felines, because in many cases, it indicates that the guinea pig is afraid or does not feel comfortable.

However, if the rodent’s body language and demeanor indicate that it is calm and at ease, it may also make this kind of call, but don’t worry, it can happen.

Teeth grinding and/or hissing, angry guinea pig cry

All guinea pig keepers wonder what an angry guinea pig’s cry sounds like, right? If your guinea pig starts grinding its teeth and moving its lower jaw rapidly, you can be sure it’s upset. They usually make this noise when they are in their territory with another guinea pig they don’t know or don’t have a good relationship with. They may also grind their teeth if you do something that upsets them, such as holding them, brushing them, bathing them, or moving them from place to place. If the threat persists, the guinea pig may start whistlingto open its mouth and show its teeth, like angry cats do.

In summary, teeth grinding and whistling can be considered as threatening cries emitted by the animal to ask to be left alone and thus avoid conflicts.


One of the strangest and least common guinea pig noises is chirping. This sound is very confusing to the listener, as it resembles surprisingly to the chirping of a bird.

Although it is believed that this sound may be related to the arrival of estrus in females and, therefore, the search for a mate, its meaning is not yet very clear, since it is not very common to hear guinea pigs chirping. Therefore, it could be the cry of a guinea pig in heat, but it remains to be confirmed because this hypothesis is still under study.

Rumbling or rumbling

This English term refers to a guinea pig noise similar to a drum roll. This particular sound is deep and low pitched and when the guinea pig makes it, its whole body vibrates as if it is growling. In this case, the rodent indicates that it is ready to reproduce, that is to say, it informs the individuals around it that it is ready to find a partner to reproduce.

This noise is normally emitted by sexually mature males, but it can sometimes be emitted by a female in estrus. If you hear your guinea pig growl, you can be sure he or she is in heat.

Guinea pigs are crepuscular animals, so they are more prone to making this sound in the early evening and very early in the morning. Therefore, if you hear your guinea pig growl at night, you may consider neutering it.

Chutting, cry of the happy guinea pig

This guinea pig cry is very subtle and is heard very rarely. It is reminiscent of the noise a tap makes when water is flowing, hence its name (“chot, chot, chot”). Chutting indicates that the animal is relaxed, happy, at ease and has confidence in its guardian and in its environment. It is therefore, as you will have understood, one of the most positive noises of the guinea pig. So if you are wondering what is the cry of a happy guinea pighere it is !

If you have a good relationship with your guinea pig, enjoys spending time with you and sharing moments of relaxation and cuddles, chances are you hear this noise quite often. After reading this, if you’ve noticed that your guinea pig makes noise when you pet it, you’ll probably understand its behavior better.

Find out if your guinea pig loves you or not!

Guinea Pig Cries and Noises - Meaning and Identification - Chutting, Happy Guinea Pig Cry

More guinea pig noises

Now that you know the main guinea pig noises and what they mean, you will be able to identify what your guinea pig wants to tell you. However, it should be borne in mind that certain noises such as coughing, sneezing, agitated breathing or moaning only appear in specific situations where there is a pathology and/or pain. If you hear these or other strange noises, it is essential to go to a veterinary center where they can take care of your animal, assess its state of health and prescribe the appropriate treatment for your best friend.

In this other article, we explain how to tell if your guinea pig is sick.

If you want to read more articles like Guinea Pig Cries and Noises – Meaning and Identificationwe recommend that you consult the Basic care section.

7 SOUNDS and CRIES of the GUINEA PIG – Meaning and identification!

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