Maltese: character, upbringing and appearance of this dog

The Maltese dog It is one of the oldest dog breeds, known since Roman times as a ‘companion’ dog for its elegant appearance, proud bearing and marked intelligence. Let’s find out better through its history, origins and morphological characteristics that make the Maltese dog so special.

Guide to the Maltese dog, one of the Italian dog breeds recognized by the ENCI

Origin and history

The Maltese dog is a braccoid small size originally from Central Mediterranean (not from the island of Malta, as its name would suggest) and originally used as small rodent hunter on ships and in ports of maritime cities.

The Maltese name as I anticipated it has nothing to do with Maltabut it most likely derives from an ancient Sicilian city called “Melita”.

The first traces of its existence have even been found in the writings of Aristotlewhich in a classification of the dogs of the time speaks of a small one of the breed of dogs named Canes melitenses.

Subsequently, the Maltese established itself as the favorite companion dog of the noblewomen of ancient Rome. The Maltese has therefore lived for thousands of years in the Mediterranean area and more particularly in Italy.

Maltese dog
The long white coat of the Maltese dog

The appearance and physical characteristics

The Maltese Bichon is a small apartment dog whose trunk is one third longer than the height at the withers, giving the impression of being narrow and long. The Maltese dog is characterized by the long and white hair, the proud running and the elegant appearance. The body is elongated, the head is triangular and the ears are hanging.

The dimensions of the male specimens, generally, range from 21 to 25 cm in length for 3-4 kg of weight.

The skull is flat. The eyes are rounded and very dark. The ears, triangular in shape, are set high, hanging and adhering to the sides of the skull.

The head, trunk, tail and limbs are covered with a hair that looks almost silk, very long and very shiny.

The coat is really thick, shiny and bright, pure white or ivory. It goes down the straight body to its entire length without any particular ripple or ripple. The hair is what makes the really challenging grooming of the Maltese. It must be brushed frequently and treated with specific products. The Maltese dog is therefore very beautiful and gentle and has a particular charm: it seems to be aware of being an animal with an ancient and “important” history.

However, in Italy and France it has almost disappeared in recent years, while this breed is very common in the United States, Japan and England.

Health and life expectancy

She is a very robust dog despite her only apparently fragile and delicate appearance.
The average life expectancy of this dog is around 12 years.

The character of the Maltese dog

Intelligent, sensitive, playful, sweet and very fond of the master, the Maltese has a docile character but far too indolent e lazy which must be properly urged and corrected to avoid seeing him idle all day.

Suitable for company and parlor life, the Maltese dog he is very fond of his family and continually seeks physical contact with his master.

Maltese dog<>Maltese dog
The Maltese dog is one of the most loved breeds

However, it is a very lively and very intelligent, proud and often sensitive dog. If he feels he has suffered an injustice, he can be offended.

He loves to play even when he gets older and is a great companion for children who love dogs.

It is a real companion dog, but being very brave and barking very loudly against intruders, it can also be used as a guard dog for one’s own apartment.

Education and training

Very present and lively when actively involved in recreational activities or in the simple daily life of the family, the Maltese dog demonstrates an extraordinary ability to learn which makes it very suitable fortogility dog.

The Maltese dog adapts well to being close to older children, less so with very young ones as it will tend to suffer from their constant attention.

Maltese dog<>Maltese dog
The Maltese dog loves being outdoors …

In spite of his sometimes lazy character and his appearance, he needs to dedicate himself to a intense daily physical activity outdoors, frequent grooming and continuous vaccinations.

Maltese dog: breeding and pedigree

If you buy a dog from a kennel, the presence of some documents will give you the measure of the seriousness of the seller.

You must always obtain from the person who sells you the puppy, who will be ready to come and live with you only after the sixtieth day of age, some documents: a microchip, the health card where vaccines must be reported against viral diseases and pesticide treatments carried out. Also there must be a sales contractin which the guarantee of the good health of the puppy and its parents.

There are several farms of this particular breed and you can find beautiful specimens in various farms, be wary instead of those who want to sell you a puppy, or worse, give as a gift, on eBay various ad sites, they are often stolen or without. pedigree.

They must be known farms and holders of affixes issued by thefarm recognized byENCIthe Italian dog lover.

Recommended books

Here are also some readings to learn more about this breed.

The Complete Guide to Your Maltese: The Essential Guide to Being a Perfect Owner and Having an Obedient, Healthy and Happy Maltese<>The Complete Guide to Your Maltese: The Essential Guide to Being a Perfect Owner and Having an Obedient, Healthy and Happy Maltese

Prices updated on 09-28-2022 at 9:26 AM.

The Maltese, the Bolognese and the other Bichons<>The Maltese, the Bolognese and the other Bichons

Prices updated on 09-28-2022 at 9:26 AM.

The price

The average price of a Maltese almost never falls below 1,000 $when purchased in a farm serious and clearly able to certify the pedigree.

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Maltese: character, upbringing and appearance of this dog

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