Can a cat smell a pregnancy before we do?

You may have heard someone say that their cat’s behavior changed during pregnancy. You may also have experienced these changes yourself if you were or are pregnant.

Cats are animals with highly developed senses and, although there are few scientific studies on the subject, all that we know so far about the perceptive abilities of these felines seems to show that cats are indeed capable of detect a woman’s pregnancy. However, a cat is incapable of understanding the emotional implications of pregnancy. Therefore, if your cat is clingier than usual or more affectionate, it’s not because she’s glad you’re pregnant, but because she’s sensing and reacting to the changes you are experiencing. ‘he perceives. But what are these changes and how is a cat able to detect them? In this article from PlanèteAnimal, we look at cats and pregnancy and we will see the answer to the following question: Can a cat smell a pregnancy before we do?

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Can a cat smell a pregnancy before we do?

Yes, one cat can smell that a woman is pregnant. To know if a woman is pregnant, cats use their developed senses, in particular smell, but they also use their sight, their hearing and even their sense of touch in order to pick up certain signals ignored by women. herself. These signals appear at different times of the gestation period, here they are:

  • Chemical changes : the woman’s body undergoes many chemical changes during pregnancy, especially at the hormonal level, since, among other things, the levels of estrogen and progesterone increase. Humans have no way of perceiving these hormonal changes, but cats are able to sense them and that’s how they can tell if you’re pregnant or not!
  • Temperature changes : the basal temperature of a pregnant woman is higher than that of a non-pregnant woman, because her blood flow increases significantly, and cats can also perceive this small detail.
  • Changes in the habits and behavior of their guardian : Have you ever caught your cat staring at you? Cats are very observant animals and they have excellent motion perception, so they are able to pick up on everything you do because they “study” your body language. Therefore, when your habits change, they notice. Find out why your cat is staring at you!

Meaning of a cat purring on a pregnant woman’s belly

By perceiving the signs previously described, the cat realizes that something strange is happening in the environment of the animal, and more particularly in its guardian. The cat may react differently. Of course, not all felines behave the same in this situation, as each individual has their own personality and experiences that make them unique and different from others. However, certain behaviors are quite common and have been observed in a large number of cats living with pregnant people.

For example, the fact that the animal chooses to spend more time with its guardian, that it lies on its belly to purr or that he sleeps on his belly are behaviors that can be caused by the increase in the temperature of the pregnant guardian. Cats have a higher body temperature than ours and they like to rest in warm places. They may therefore seek more physical contact with a pregnant person than with a person who is not. If, in addition, these manifestations of affection are reinforced, the animal will tend to repeat them more often, increasing their intensity or duration. So, if you’re pregnant and your cat has a crush on you, it’s probably because she’s more comfortable around you than around other people. It is also normal that you wonder if because of toxoplasmosis you can touch your cat or not, find out: Can I touch my cat if I am pregnant?

On the other hand, some can behave in another way and it is common to see cats moving away and fleeing their pregnant guardian. Cats are very sensitive to change, and those who avoid you while you’re pregnant are likely cats that are stressed and frightened by the changes in their routine. In this case, you must be patient and never force the animal.

Can a cat smell a pregnancy before we do?  - Meaning of the purring of a cat on the belly of a pregnant woman

Do cats smell the birth of their guardian’s baby?

Moments before delivery, the above mentioned signs may intensify. Hormonal secretions, temperature and changes in female behavior become more evident to the cat, who may begin to stress and become anxious. In the same way that cats sense a woman’s pregnancy, they can feel the labor startingalthough, we emphasize, they do not know exactly what it is.

Remember that the arrival of the baby at home represents a huge change for the animal, since from that moment it will begin to receive a series of stimuli to which it was not accustomed before (smells, sounds, etc.). To avoid the cat is stressed and develops emotional and/or behavioral problemsit is strongly recommended to contact, before the arrival of the newborn, a feline ethologist specialized in the coexistence between animals and children who will advise future parents on the needs of the animal and on how to bring it to the comfortable with the new family member.

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