Fox Terrier: character, upbringing and appearance

A skilled fox hunter, today he is known more as a companion dog for families, the Fox Terrier in reality it is a nice dog of which you may not know that it has two types: smooth-haired and rough-haired. They are in fact two distinct variants which however share the same origin and the same history. The only different trait is the hair. It was originally between the hunting dogs of small size, but today it is increasingly affirmed among the pet dogs.

Fox Terrier: character, upbringing and appearance

Let’s find out its merits, character, physique and how to best treat it to enjoy its liveliness and intelligence.

Fox Terrier: the story

The history of these dog breeds it even dates back to the time of Pliny the Elder: in “Natural History” he spoke of it under the name of Agassin. However, as often happens, the definition of the standards of the breed will have to wait until 1876.

The first description dates back to a long time before, when in 1570 a certain Dr. Caius, a Cambridge professor and physician to Queen Elizabeth I, listed its main characteristics.

This dog has English origins and is supposed to have been specially bred to hunt foxes. It derives from the cross between the ancient English black and fire Terriers, the Beaglei Terrier white and the Bulldog. The goal was to obtain a small dog with a clear coat, agile and fast, in order to improve performance while hunting.

fox terrier

Over the years the breed has undergone notable morphological changes: the neck has become less stocky, the head has lengthened and the auricles have become thinner.

Fox Terrier: appearance and size

He has a very muscular jaw. The skull is flat, the nose is black, the eyes are round, sunken and always dark. The ears are small and V-shaped.

The body is dry and toned, the males weigh from 7 to 8 kg, the females differ by 1 or 2 kg. The height is about 40 centimeters, but despite being small they have very resistant and robust bones.

The coat differs according to the species, it can be smooth and hard, or frizzy and bristly. The color is generally white, but black or brown spots may appear. The tail is high.

We are always talking about a breed of short-haired dogsbut two varieties are distinguished according to the coat, the smooth-haired one and the rough-haired one.

Smooth-coated Fox Terrier

It has an abundant, very smooth coat, flat on the skin, rather bristly and harsh, but very dense. It also features the belly and lower thighs with less dense and hard hair.

The colors accepted by the standard are all white, which in any case must be the predominant one, but can have patches of fire or black. Red or liver colored patches are unacceptable.

Its care requires an occasional brushing to keep it tidy. It does not need to take a bath, unless it has rolled in the mud!

Coarse Fox Terrier

Also in this case the hair is curly, abundant, always bristly and hard, but also very dense. The colors allowed are white and small black or liver colored patches.

Even if it sheds little hair, it needs to be brushed frequently. To maintain a good texture, the coat must be cut by hand, a task that is usually entrusted to a professional groomer.

Fox Terrier: la Tin Tin dog breed

The breed of Milou, the dog accompanying Tin Tin, the protagonist of the famous Belgian comic, is a smooth-coated Fox Terrier. All white, he has a taste for adventure, but tends to live a quiet life.

Not that he is a talking dog, but Tin Tin looks for him as his interlocutor, even if he hears him barking like a dog, in the comic he truly expresses his thoughts. His loyalty and courage will often get his young master out of trouble.

Fox Terrier character

This is one of the dog breeds who needs more movement. They love to run, jump and play, demanding the involvement of their master. They are loyal and loving, but also unpredictable.

The lively and always attentive look reveals all their vitality and intelligence. They manage to learn numerous games of skill and are really tireless. Sometimes they may bite while playing, being hyperactive and impetuous.

They fail to make friends with other dogs, they become aggressive and jealous of their territory. When a stranger arrives in the house they certainly do not stand still and watch, they bark and make themselves heard, proving to be good watchdogs.

fox terrier

<>fox terrier

To avoid that a bad education can make them become too aggressive, it is good to have a steady wrist right away, since they are puppies. As always, it’s the boss’s kind of approach that makes the difference.

For all these reasons, they are not dogs suitable for elderly people nor are they suitable for being alone with small children. If they live in an apartment, they need at least two exits a day to be able to discharge all their energy.

Fox Terrier care

The Fox terrier often gets epilepsy, due to a suspected genetic component. In dogs with white coats it is possible that it also occurs scongenital warp.

In good health he can live up to 15 years. Brush it at least a couple of times a week to keep the coat clean. They shed little hair.

fox terrier

<>fox terrier

L’dog feeding it must always be balanced and the portions must be measured out to prevent them from gaining weight. Feed him some food for dogs which can be wet or crunchy, but also a lot of water, because it is always on the go.

How much does a Fox Terrier cost

The price goes from 1,200 to 2,000 $. This depends on the pedigree, the type of coat and the sex of the dog. When you choose a breeding, check that it has the right credentials and that it is not abusive.

The puppy is sold after the completion of the 2nd month of life and after completing the cycle of vaccines and necessary treatments. It must be equipped with a microchip and pedigree.

Fox Terrier breeding

To keep his lively character in check, it is necessary to resort to rigorous and careful training. Give him his rightful place in the family hierarchy and put a lot of effort into his socialization to avoid constant fights with other dogs. Be firm, but kind and fair.

Find the farms with ENCI affix all over Italy, and as always, we advise you to evaluate the seriousness of the breeder by asking to see the parents, to check that you are given the sales document, the microchip and that it is wormed and delivered. only at the end of weaning, have the puppy checked also by a veterinarian of your trust.

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Fox Terrier: character, upbringing and appearance

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