Why do dogs sniff between their legs? – Know everything !

Why do dogs sniff between their legs?

As we have already explained before, humanizing the dog is a serious mistake for many reasons. Among these reasons, it should be noted that this humanization takes you away from canine behavior and prevents you from understanding it properly.

If you only communicate with your dog using purely human language, you can lose a large part of your relationship. In addition, some behaviors may surprise you because you will not be able to understand them if you do not do it from a canine perspective.

Many people wonder Why do dogs sniff between their legs? In the following article from PlanèteAnimal, you will find the answer to all your questions…

A common sign in canine communication

Canine language can be very complex for humans. To understand it takes time and a lot of commitment. However, there is something you should know: dogs have an extremely developed sense of smell, which is why they use it mainly to to know its environment as well as to extract information from it.

Dogs, like most mammals, have structures called apocrine sweat glands that are distributed all over the body but especially in the genital and anal area.

These glands produce odorous substances which have the important function of transporting social information. These substances are popularly known as pheromones and it is through them that a dog can obtain a lot of information about another dog: sex, age, state of mind and sexual variations, such as, for example, the period of heat of a female dog.

This is why dogs sniff each other’s bottoms. This is a very usual behavior because it allows the dog to get all the information he needs about another dog.

Why do dogs sniff between their legs?  - A usual sign in canine communication

Why do dogs sniff between their legs?

When the dog sniffs our private parts, all he wants is obtain information about us, as he would with other dogs. The problem is that for us, this behavior is very strange to us, however, dogs communicate with humans with canine language. It is unrealistic and illusory to expect another type of communication from an animal.

Humans also have apocrine sweat glands. Unlike dogs, in humans these glands are found in the armpits and crotch. This is why a dog looking for information about you will approach your crotch to sniff your private parts.

This behavior is very common when the dog does not know the person. It is also very usual when he already knows her but wants to know her state of mind.

With a known person, this behavior could be interpreted as an affectionate greeting. If you interpret it that way, it makes this behavior much more understandable to humans.

The act of sniffing the crotch of humans particularly accentuated in the following cases :

  • People who have had sex recently.
  • Women who are menstruating.
  • Women who have recently given birth and are breastfeeding.
  • Women who are ovulating (here, the accentuation of this behavior is very noticeable).

What to do when a dog sniffs my private parts?

Although this behavior may seem embarrassing, know that for the well-being of your dog the best is to do nothing at all. Intervening would mean preventing your dog from using his natural language, which is cruel.

For your dog to develop in a healthy way and for your relationship to be as balanced as possible, it is necessary that you allow this type of behavior. This is a completely normal behavior that allows your dog to feel closer to people while reassuring himself.

Why do dogs sniff between their legs?  - What should I do when a dog sniffs my private parts?

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Why do dogs sniff between their legs? – Know everything !

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