Names for Male and Female Horses – OVER 200 HORSE NAME IDEAS

hello for the D’s I suggest Dallas, for the B’s I suggest Bailey, for the E’s I suggest Eternal and Epic, for the P’s I suggest Prudence,
in famous horses ago
-Black Pearl or Black Minx daughter of Black,
-Napoleon best friend of Black,
-Satan the son of Black
black stallion horses

_Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke’s horse
-Poly in Poly
-Spirit in Spirit

Everyone knows the joke: “What color is Henri IV’s white horse?”. In reality, Albe is not white but black! Yet we often see the sovereign mounted on a magnificent white horse. the reason is simple: “Albe” at the time meant White, and white horses were prized by wealthy lords.
Henri IV would have given him this name because he would have liked him to be white.

Marengo, Blanco, Vizier

Marengo was the faithful companion of Napoleon Bonaparte and was eternalized as one of the famous horses of world history. Its name was a tribute to the battle of Marengo (Italy), from which the French imperial army emerged victorious .

According to historical accounts, Napoleon was a great admirer of horses. In his personal block, more than 100 equines have been registered, among which the horses Marengo, Blanco and Vizir.

The Mare Babieca (El Cid)

Many of us probably know the story of the great Cid Campeador, but few know the story of his famous mare Babieca. It is said that when the Cid was still a boy, his stepfather took him to the stables of the monastery where they lived; He asked his godson to choose the horse he preferred.

To everyone’s surprise El Cid chose the ugliest and humblest horse in the stable. According to his father-in-law, the horse (the mare, in fact) was “a Babieca”, as he had no attributes to be a great conqueror.

here’s a summary

-Black Pearl
-Black Minx
_Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke’s horse
-Poly in Poly
-Spirit in Spirit
-La Mare Babieca

thank you if you add it

Names for Male and Female Horses – OVER 200 HORSE NAME IDEAS

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