My cat is running around like crazy – Causes and what to do

My cat is running around like crazy - Causes and what to do

Does your cat sometimes run around like crazy without you understanding why he is doing it? Don’t worry, your cat is not crazy and this behavior has an explanation! The cat’s madness shots are called “zooms” Where FRAP (frenetic random activity period), which could be translated as a period of random frenetic activity” and cats are not the only animals to experience this type of episode as dogs and other mammals can also have them.

But… why is my cat running around like crazy? If you are asking yourself this question because you want to fully understand your best friend, this article from PlanèteAnimal is for you!

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In our intro, we already said that the main cause of a cat’s madness is the so-called “FRAP“, but there are other reasons that can also trigger these crazy rush episodes. Let’s find out about them:

Need to release energy

Random Frenzied Activity Periods (“FRAPs”) have been widely documented and studied in dogs, but what not everyone knows is that they also occur in cats, especially in adolescents. and young animals.

This behavior is considered completely normal in felines. Therefore, if your cat is running around like a madman, don’t worry because he is just releasing his excess energy through explosive physical activity that simulates hunting patterns (stalking, chasing, catching or biting the ankles of his guardians, hiding, jumping, etc.). It is therefore normal that sometimes your cat will go crazy and bite you for no apparent reason. In non-pathological cases, the episode of activity is intense, but lasts only a few seconds, with the animal itself eventually calming down on its own. Once it has stopped, it normally goes to a quiet place to rest.

The survival instinct

You may also have observed your cat running away after using its litter box. This curious behavior does not occur in all cats, but it is common in many felines. It is thought to be an instinct that prompts them to get away from where they urinate or defecate as quickly as possible so the smell doesn’t attract predators.

Stress and anxiety

However, if your cat’s “crazy moments” happen too often (even several times a day), last too long, or are accompanied by other symptoms or strange behavior, your cat may have a problem. physical or emotional health. In these cases, the most common causes of excessive activity are stress and anxiety, which often cause stereotypies in the animal (i.e. a series of repetitive, invariable movements without apparent function ) or, in a smaller number of cases, feline hyperesthesia, a condition characterized by the onset of spasms, restlessness, hyperactivity and even self-harm.

If you observe any unusual behavior or suspect your feline is showing signs of illness, see your veterinarian promptly for an evaluation.

Cats are crepuscular animals, which means that they have their peaks of activity between early morning and late afternoon. Nevertheless, cats are able to adapt and vary their routine depending on the lifestyle of their guardians as well as the conditions of the environment in which they live (temperature, daylight hours, access to the outside, etc.), therefore, it is absolutely not uncommon for many cats to experience an increase in activity during the night.

This phenomenon is particularly common in summer. Yes, when it’s too hot during the day, cats tend to rest in cool places and wait patiently for nightfall to play, hunt or walk around the neighborhood. If your cat lives only indoors, has no toys or environmental stimulation, doesn’t live with other cats to interact with, or is just young and he’s been sleeping all day, he’ll probably need to let off steam at night when it’s cooler.

However, if your cat suddenly goes completely crazy at night and runs everywhere when it has never done so before, observe it carefully to detect a health problem. and take him to the vet if necessary.

As we said, FRAPs are, in general, completely normal and non-pathological behaviors. So you don’t have to worry if you notice your cat going crazy from time to time. However, if you have any doubts about what to do when faced with this type of behavior, here is some tips you can follow :

  • Move dangerous objects away : Although the appearance of a FRAP is usually completely unexpected, it is likely that the cat, once it begins to run, repeats the same trajectory. Take a good look at his run and be sure to move away any object that could hurt him.
  • Don’t try to stop your cat : If the environment in which the cat is running is safe, never try to stop the cat in the middle of its run. These episodes only last a few seconds and it is better that you let your cat exercise.
  • Bet on good environmental and social stimulation : cats are very curious and intelligent animals. They need not only high places to climb on to survey their surroundings, but also objects and other individuals with which to interact. By playing with your cat daily, providing it with interactive toys to entertain it, and creating spaces suited to its needs (platforms to jump on, tunnels to hide in, views to the outdoors, etc.), you will reduce its need for release energy through FRAPs.
  • Create Routines If your cat is active at night, you can try changing his routines by distracting him more during the day. Set up a daytime schedule for playing with your best mate or doing activities he enjoys – you can even try teaching him some fun tricks! Remember that cats are naturally crepuscular animals and you can’t expect their pace to match yours exactly.
  • Consult a feline ethologist : if, despite all these tips, your cat continues to have frequent and intense fits of madness, you will have to take him to the vet to make sure that he is not suffering from a physical or emotional problem. You can also take him to an ethologist who will analyze your cat’s behavior and give you advice on how to change his behavior.

My cat is running around like crazy – Causes and what to do

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