Why does the cat scratch? – See details

On the furniture, the litter, the sofa… Wherever he has the opportunity, the cat scratches his claws. What is this fad due to? Understand your feline’s attitude to prevent it from scratching anywhere.

Why do cats scratch?

To mark his territory

By making its claws on all the objects it finds, the cat marks its visual, olfactory and sound presence. With this gesture, it deposits pheromones on the places it scratches. This is a behavior common to all cats.

To defend

For a cat that lives outdoors, scratching is essential to its survival. This allows it to defend itself, hunt and climb trees more easily.

To relax

By scratching, the cat removes its dead claws to leave new ones in place that will be sharper.

He also likes to do it for fun to stretch out and enjoy perfect relaxation.

If your cat “scratches” a blanket, it is not to scratch but to experience a moment of well-being that reminds him of the period when he was nursing his mother. It’s a reflex that he probably kept.

What solutions exist to avoid this behavior?

If this habit is already well anchored in your cat, it is not possible to prevent it from scratching. It’s part of his genes. However, solutions exist to limit the damage and prevent your furniture from gradually deteriorating.

Trim your cat’s claws regularly

You can already trim its claws regularly with cat-specific nail clippers. The best for this operation is to have two people: one to hold your cat and the other to cut its claws. Just press on the pads so that the claws come out and then cut only the tips (the clear part). Ask your veterinarian for advice if you are worried about hurting your small animal.

Teach your cat the usefulness of the scratching post

The scratching post is obviously the ideal and essential accessory to allow your cat to scratch. It is particularly recommended if your cat is unable to go out. Choose a stable, long and wide scratching post to allow your cat to stretch out as much as possible. If you can, buy it as soon as your pet gets home so they get used to using it from an early age.

You can even buy several scratching posts and place them in different places in your house.

Finally, to educate your cat not to scratch everywhere, you can also use an anti-scratch spray, to spray on your precious curtains and armchairs. In this way, you will protect your property and your cat’s bad habits will gradually disappear.

You will understand: scratching is a natural need of the cat. Difficult to fight against this phenomenon. However, there are a few solutions within your reach: regular trimming of your cat’s claws or the use of scratching posts. At See details, all our scratching posts are made in France and produced in the North-West of France. They are designed in a logic of recycling with carefully chosen materials and are chic and very aesthetic.

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Why does the cat scratch? – See details

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