Keeping dogs busy: Even four-legged friends need jobs

Professions for dogs? What do you mean?
For centuries we have bred dogs primarily for the jobs we want them to do for us. Nowadays, however, they are largely gone, so that we have nothing but unemployed specialists sitting on our sofas. It is our responsibility to look for new tasks for them.

That would be?
The dogs want to work with us and they can do a lot more in everyday life than we sometimes give them credit for: opening doors, finding keys, taking out rubbish, collecting laundry, carrying groceries… My dog ​​asks me all day what he can do with it we are in constant contact and a strong bond develops.

And does this work for every dog?
First you have to observe very closely what the dog is offering: does it like fetching, for example, or does it tend to work with its nose? Creativity is then required when finding a task and, of course, a bit of patience. Initially, professional support during training could also be helpful. Many “problem” dogs are basically under-challenged dogs. If you positively reinforce their innate abilities and give them complex tasks, many negative traits will go away on their own. You just don’t have time to do nonsense anymore. Then everything interlocks.

Keeping dogs busy: Even four-legged friends need jobs

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