Bavarian Hound, the best hunting dog in the world

The Bavarian Hound mountain or Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund has been considered one of the best for centuries hunting dogs of the world for his extraordinary physical and character gifts. This dog features aexcellent physical resistancean excellent nose and a disposition that makes him easily trainable.

The Bavarian mountain hound, a dog with exceptional qualities

At the same time the Bavarian Hound knows how to enchant with his deep sight and his funny flat ears and he knows how to be loved for his sweet character and protective.

Let’s find out, then, everything about the Bavarian Hound: from its origins to the advice on how to take care of it at its best.

Origins of the Bavarian Hound

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is a hunting dog originally from Lower Bavaria and derives from the cross between the Hanover Hound and the ancient Tyrolean Hound.

Until the nineteenth century, the most popular hunting dog was the Hanoverian Hound, which however proved unsuitable for operating in the high mountains or on particularly steep terrain due to its size. It was therefore necessary to select a dog from lighter build and more suitable for enduring long walks in inaccessible areas.

Breeders of the time tried a series of crosses between the Hanoverian Hound and the female Tyrolean Hounds and in 1912 the standard was set for the Bavarian Mountain Hound.

Later the Bavarian hound was introduced in Austria, Hungary and France and the FCI, or the Fédération cynologique internationalerecognized his standard.


The Bavarian Hound falls into the category of medium sized dogs and has a light, muscular and balanced structure. Males reach a height of between 47 and 52 cm while females are smaller and can reach a maximum of 48 cm. The weight varies from 25 to 35 kg.

The muzzle is proportionate and has a dark brown or black nose, large flat ears and dark, sweet and deep eyes. The color of the hair can vary assuming all the shades of red and fawn, ocher, gray, red or brindle. Usually the muzzle and ears are darker than the back.

The hair is densehard and not very shiny and does not require special care.

Bavarian hound
It is an active dog, which vitally needs games, movement and time spent outdoors.

Bavarian Hound: Character

The Bavarian Hound is an active dog that needs to spend many hours in the open air to discharge all his energy by running and playing.

To entertain this dog it is advisable, too, to entertain him with sniffing games and research relying on the advice of an experienced dog educator. These games can also be played in a limited space and by activating all the dog’s senses: they will help him feel satisfied and tired at the same time.

The Bavarian Hound is a very docile dog as well loving with his family, but reserved for those who do not know.

Employment of the Bavarian Hound

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is considered the best hunting dog in the world for his exceptional nose and his remarkable physical stamina.

This dog is able to detect the slightest smell of blood and is distinguished by the ability to recover injured or dead animals even very far away. At the same time, he can walk for hours and hours without showing any signs of fatigue. Once it reaches its prey, it has a possessive attitude and in order to defend it he can be aggressive towards subjects he does not know. The approach instead totally changes towards the owner, who can approach to take it without any kind of problem.

This attitude is indicative of the marked intelligence of this dog breed and its propensity to follow the indications received during training.

Bavarian hound<>Bavarian hound
A faithful and protective dog like few other breeds.


The Bavarian Hound has a life expectancy of approx 12 years and in general it is a rustic and strong dog.

This hound tolerates even harsh climates very well and can spend several hours outdoors even in winter without suffering the cold or having to wear a coat, which is necessary for other dog breeds.

To ensure the health and well-being of the Bavarian Hound it is necessary to guarantee him one active life and as much as possible in contact with nature and a balanced diet that does not make him fat.


This dog breed, despite being very robust, is predisposed to the manifestation of hip dysplasia and of elbow dysplasiatwo fairly common pathologies.

These diseases are of genetic origin but there are external factors such as nutrition and physical activity in lack or in excess that can favor their manifestation in non-elderly subjects or aggravate the symptoms. There is no cure that leads to the complete healing of these pathologies, but conservative treatments aimed at reducing their severity and pain.

Bavarian hound<>Bavarian hound
The Bavarian Hound tolerates colder climates well.

Bavarian Hound Breeding

In Italy, the Bavarian Hound farms recognized by ENCI, the Italian National Dog Association, are very few and concentrated in the central and northern regions. Breeders cannot sell puppies before the 60th day of life, a common practice for all breeds, and are required to inform the family about the commitment necessary to care for this type of dog.

Other information that every serious breeder must give to the family where the puppy will live concern the typical characteristics of the breed, his own pedigreehis Power supply and the vaccinations to which he was subjected.


The cost of a Bavarian Hound is around 800 / 1,000 $.

To maintain it, a monthly cost of about 50/60 $ for food can be estimated, to which the costs for routine veterinary visits, vaccinations and pesticides must then be added.

Finally, it must be borne in mind that as we age, pathologies may occur that can increase these costs, making visits to the hospital necessary. veterinarian more frequent or the administration of medicines.

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Bavarian Hound, the best hunting dog in the world

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