The Belgian Shepherd Malinois, an outstanding guard dog – See details

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is an affectionate and very intelligent guard dog. Very lively, he needs regular activities to channel his energy and a master who educates him with firmness.


The Belgian Shepherd Malinois appeared relatively recently and was officially recognized in 1909. It is a dog that descends from the sheepdogs of Belgium from the 19e in the Mechelen region. It is distinguished from other sheepdogs by its short hair and fawn-charbonnais coat.

Character and behavior

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is a medium-sized dog that resembles a German Shepherd. It is easily recognized by its black mask, bright dark brown gaze, and slender, wolf-like gait. Its muzzle is pointed and its ears erect in a triangular shape.

He is a very intelligent and affectionate dog, close to his adoptive family and the children he plays with, as well as to his master. He is devoted, faithful and always ready to defend his master until the end. He is also an excellent guard dog, with an unparalleled vivacity. Alert by nature, he can also be nervous. It’s not so surprising when you look at his muscular appearance.

Its many capabilities allow it to be in high demand by police forces around the world. He needs regular physical activity and an attentive and present master to perfect his education with great firmness. Never show violence but show him your disagreement by turning your back on him. He will figure it out on his own. In addition, do not hesitate to educate him through play and to do different exercises for him because he gets tired quite quickly.

Finally, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois prefers life in the countryside or in a house with a garden. He has a great need to exert himself and channel his overflowing energy.


The Belgian Shepherd Malinois has robust health. There is no particular affection to his race. However, he is not immune to potential hip dysplasia.

However, if you have to operate on it, know that the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is very sensitive to anesthesia and that the risk of mortality is high when it is subjected to it compared to other breeds of dogs.

On the brushing side, his short hair is easy to maintain; it undergoes two moults in the spring and in the fall. Brush it once a week and use a currycomb before brushing during moulting.

Be sure to trim his nails regularly so as not to risk cracking which can cause him pain. For his teeth, brush them so as not to accumulate tartar and prevent bacteria from proliferating.

Feeding your Belgian Shepherd Malinois well

The diet of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois must be rich in proteins and carbohydrates in view of the multiple expenses of this dog. Being prone to stomach twists, it is essential that he eats his meal twice a day.

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is therefore a loyal and sporty guard dog. His energy expenditure requires him to eat foods rich in protein and carbohydrates. At See details, we have a wide range of products for feeding your dog, as well as a specific range for Belgian Shepherd Malinois.

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The Belgian Shepherd Malinois, an outstanding guard dog – See details

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