Ugliest dog in the world: a contest elects him (but for a good reason)

What is the ugliest dog in the world? Who can judge a dog’s beauty or ugliness? In fact it is a convention, but there are now well-established aesthetic parameters also for the beauty of each dog breed and so beauty contests for pets of each breed have been born and also an international competition that elects not only the most beautiful animal in the world. , but also the ugliest dog in the world. The competition is held in California in Petaluma every year, it is called the World’s Ugliest Dog contest and in addition to being a very popular and very fun event it also aims to raise awareness on alternative beautythe interior one that can also characterize our pet, going beyond the (distorted) anthropomorphic vision we have of the animal world.

The ugliest dog in the world for two years is Scamp the Tramp

Even aesthetically ugly specimens of dogs are loved and live in families who pamper and adore them. They are faithful and docile animals, affectionate to the master and lively.

The “ugliest dog in the world” contest

California’s World’s Ugliest Dog competition is sponsored by VIP Petcare, an American supplier of products for veterinarians.

This event is an opportunity to win a good win: the ugliest one in fact wins 1500 dollars, in addition to the trophy and a lot of popularity.

The contest is also an opportunity for one parade of dogs to be adopted and to award other prizes to the animals present, for example the prize Spirit Award dedicated to animals that have distinguished themselves for social value.

Let’s see what are the dogs that have been elected in recent years as ugly, indeed very ugly aesthetically

List of the ugliest dogs in the world

The last dog elected winner among the ugliest in the world dates back to 2019 because the 2020 and 2021 edition was not held. We look forward to the next edition on June 22

This is the ugliest dog that was named in 2019 – it’s called Scamp the Tramp, a bastard with shaggy hair as if they were dreadlocks, legs crooked and squat. Ugly yes but with a big heart: he was a bastard found on the street and today he has been part of the pet therapy project for several years, in the Sebastopol elderly center.

Other ugly but valiant dogs are:

  • Zsa Zsaelected as the ugliest dog in the world in 2018 is a female of bulldog with crooked legs, stocky body, protruding jaw and very long tongue, which almost touches the ground. A dog out of the usual standards for beauty, but virtuous and commendable for its character. This mutt lived for 5 years in an abandoned dog farm, none of her wanted to adopt her because of her ugliness: then she was adopted by Megan Brainard, from Minnesota, who found her “bad enough to be beautiful“.
  • In 2017, however, the award was Italian: he won a Neapolitan Mastiff weighing 125 kilos with red eyes, blind and with sagging skin. Her name is Martha, today he is 8 years old, and he drools a lot. This dog was on the street and was adopted by Shirley Dawn Zindler, a volunteer with the Sonoma County Dogwood Animal Rescue Project.
  • In 2016 the dog who won the ugliness contest was Swee Pee Ramboa very ugly Chinese hairless dog, blind.

Other very ugly dogs

  • Quasimodoa cross between pit bull and Dutch shepherd winner in 2015
  • Peanut, a chihuahua winner of the contest in 2014 with cross-eyed and protruding teeth.
  • Mugly, first place in 2013, a Chinese crested dog that was abandoned in the street. Today he is a loved and pampered pet therapy dog.
  • Sam he was a crested chinese dog, the ugliest dog for three years in a row 2003 – 2004 – 2005 year of his death.

Ugliest dog in the world: which is the ugliest breed

For those who love animals all dogs are beautiful and there are no better breeds than others. But if we have to give a list of aesthetically ugly dog ​​breeds here is what emerges:

  • the Chinese crested appears to be the ugliest dog breed in the world. It is an ancient dog that dates back to 1200 where it was used in China to hunt tops on merchant ships. Later, they became watchdogs among Chinese noble families. Adorable, likeable, affectionate and faithful unfortunately he does not have physical characteristics that make him loved today for his appearance, but he has a lot to offer in terms of character.
  • the Mexican hairless dog takes second place due to its chapped skin, few light hairs. Of medium size, it is a gentle and reserved animal, with an elegant bearing, very faithful to its owner. Lively and snappy, it has a slender body. But who will we be to discuss its beauty?
ugliest dog in the world
But, after all, who are we to talk about their “beauty”?

Other breeds considered ugly

Following are a series of breeds which, however, cannot objectively be defined as ugly, however they are very much appreciated and loved dog breeds, which perhaps do not follow all the canons of “Canine aesthetics”. Among these we find

  • Bedlington Terrier is a dog of British origin that looks like a sheep, with a shaggy coat
  • The Irish Wolfhound, a tall and skinny breed of greyhound one of the ugliest.
  • The Komondor and the clean they are two very particular dog breeds, funny and covered with shaggy fur that rubs on the ground.
  • The English bull terrier they are known to have egg-shaped heads, which makes them physically not very harmonious
  • Caucasian mountain dog is one of the tallest and ugliest breeds because it is very large. His character is strong and docile at the same time.
  • Borsoi belongs to the greyhound family and is one of the ugliest dogs, simply for the elongated shape of its muzzle.
  • The Neapolitan mastiff, the breed to which Martha belongs, one of the ugliest dogs in the world, they were the favorite dogs of the Bourbons, they are mammoth dogs with a little sly air also because of the many folds in the skin that make it unique and beautiful !! !

What is the most beautiful dog in the world?

The most beautiful dog in the world is elected during another American event, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. In the latest edition, a Pekingese dog named Wasabi was elected.

Ugliest dog in the world: a contest elects him (but for a good reason)

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