The Ragdoll cat, sweetness incarnate – See details

The Ragdoll is an imposing, silky cat with intense blue eyes that has become popular in Europe. Very affectionate and sociable, he is also a very gentle cat who prefers to live indoors.

History and origin

The Ragdoll is a relatively recent breed since it was created in the 1960s in California. She is said to be the result of a cross between a Persian Angora cat and a Sacred Birman. The given name, Ragdoll, can be translated as “rag doll”. It is a cat known for its exceptional gentleness and its imposing size.

Very popular in the United States, it was then exported to Europe and then to France from 1986. Today, its popularity in France is exponential since the LOOF had nearly 2,800 Ragdolls in 2019 compared to 70 in 2003.

Character and behavior

The Ragdoll cat represents sweetness incarnate. He is calm, patient and balanced in nature. Never aggressive, he is in search of tranquility.

However, he does not like loneliness and stays most of the time alongside his master with whom he is very affectionate. He also coexists very well with other animals and fits perfectly into a family.

He is definitely an indoor, homebody cat who prefers security and comfort rather than outdoor freedom. It nevertheless has a great capacity to adapt to different environments.

Physically, this imposing cat with solid musculature has a triangular-shaped head with rounded contours and a collar around the neck. He has large oval eyes of a very intense blue and a curved “ski slope” nose. Its long, rectangular body is quite bulky and its coat is imposing with a large covering of guard hairs and few undercoats.

The Ragdoll can be colorpoint, mitted or two-tone. Colourpoint means it has a darker muzzle, ears, legs and tail than the rest of the body. The Ragdoll mitted has white streaks on the muzzle. As for the two-tone, it is characterized by a white inverted V-shaped pattern on the face and a pink nose. Namely: Ragdoll kittens are all born white. It is only after three years that their final color develops!

Health and diet

The Ragdoll has solid health and lives an average of 12 to 15 years. However, it risks, like many felines, being affected by two diseases: HCM and PKD. HCM is another name given to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This disease affects all cats and is manifested by acute heart failure. PKD or polycystic kidney disease is a pathology that affects the kidneys. These are cysts formed in this organ, leading to kidney failure.

To maintain its coat, a simple weekly brushing is enough to get rid of its dead hair, with particular emphasis on the area known as the pants or hindquarters of the cat. Among the other care to be given to him: dental care, essential to protect him from periodontal disease and a small regular cut of the claws.

On the diet side, because of his sedentary lifestyle, he is predisposed to being overweight. It is therefore necessary to be careful not to provide it with fat or carbohydrates in large quantities. Choose top-of-the-range kibble so that he has the proteins and nutrients he needs. It must also have fresh water that is changed regularly.

The Ragdoll is therefore the perfect little companion for families who want to keep their cat indoors. See details offers you food and advice adapted to this breed. Also discover games and care for your cat’s hygiene.

Cover photo source: Canva

The Ragdoll cat, sweetness incarnate – See details

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