Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Queen Elizabeth’s dog

Another shepherd dog of British origin, not very common in Italy, is the Welsh Corgi Pembrokedirect descendant of Welsh Corgi Cardigana dog that is immediately recognized for its somewhat particular physical appearance, even funny.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Queen Elizabeth's dog

The Corgi, in fact, have a long and robust body with short legs and are short-haired dogs: they are somewhat reminiscent of the Dachshund. The fur and muzzle make it look like one foxbut the temperament is that typical of shepherd dog. He therefore has a sociable and playful character, extremely faithful, not aggressive, and an innate intelligence. These features make it a great choice for i pet dogs. And it is one of the pets ideal for a family with children.

We know this breed better, all its strengths but also its defects, so that we can take care of it in the best possible way.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke: physical description

The Pembroke is one of those small dogs with a strong and sturdy build, with a lively and intelligent look, active, and with a playful and sociable character.

It is immediately recognized by its physical appearance that places it halfway between a dachshund, a Bobtail and a fox. The head in fact resembles a fox, both for the length of the muzzle and for the liveliness of the gaze, while the legs are short like a dachshund, but the short hair it is typical of a shepherd dog.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

It has British origin, in particular from the region of Wales, where it is used as a dog to lead flocks, it is not particularly widespread in Italy.

It needs to walk and move, but it is perfectly adaptable to family and apartment life. He is a faithful dog and loves to be with children, is never aggressive and is sociable with others pets.

Let’s see what a purebred Pembroke looks like physically:

  • Height average at the withers of about 25 – 30 cm.
  • Weight of the male around 12 kg and 9-10 kg female
  • Muzzle slightly thinned
  • Truffle black
  • Jaws strong with perfect bite closure
  • Eyes round, of medium size, brown, in harmony with the color of the coat
  • Ears erect and of medium size
  • Fur: of medium length with a dense undercoat of brown, reddish color and not very soft, but hard and wavy. Sometimes it can have areas of lighter, almost white hair.

Difference between Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke

It is a more recent species of Welsh Corgi. The oldest breed is called Cardigan, while the Pembroke is the result of the crossing between the Finnish Spitz and the Cardigan, only a few centuries ago.

They are now officially recognized as two separate races. Between the two species there are only small differences of morphological and character character:

  • tail of the Cardigan is very similar to the hairy tail of a fox and is carried low, in the Pembroke it is short, often cropped, but still shorter than the Cardigan
  • The hair of the Pembroke is only available in 4 colors, the red-brown shades with lighter areas, while the coat of the Cardigan is available in 11 colors, although 5 are recognized by the AKC
  • the character the Cardigan is less sociable with strangers and barks more than the Pembroke

Origin of the Corgi breed

The Pembroke is less ancient than the Cardigan, a breed originally from Great Britain, where it is thought to have been brought by the Vikings. In fact, it resembles the dog breeds Nordic like Swedish Vallhund.

Regarding the origins, however, there are conflicting opinions because for many it comes from Wales: its Welsh name is There Sodli and it means’ hock ‘due to its habit of biting cows’ hocks. This dog was bred on Welsh farms because it was considered a great help as a herding or working dog, to manage herds of cattle with cunning and attention.

The habit of biting the hock is a characteristic that made the dog perfect for the transhumance of the great flocks.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

<>Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke also owes its fame to the fact that in 1933, the then Duke of York, later King George VI, bought a puppy of this breed, Rozavel Golden Eagle, to give it to his daughter Elizabeth, the future Queen Elizabeth II.

It has since become the favorite breed of the Queen of England, who has bred and owned over 30 Corgi during her lifetime. This has made it very popular in England where it is commonly referred to as ‘the queen’s dog’.

Let’s see what makes these dogs so special.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi: character

He has many qualities: obedient, sociable and faithful, outgoing, and very active, he loves being around, outdoors.

It is the dog for those who live in the family and have small children. In fact, he adapts well to life even in the apartment just give him affection and play every day.

Even if it is small, it makes itself felt at home, because it moves briskly and tends to bark to make its presence felt or because it hears external noises. However, it is a good dog, faithful to its owner and never aggressive, but it can also be a guard dog, because it barks and tends to bite the hock of the intruder.

Characteristics of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Aspects related to its diet and care must be carefully evaluated.

  • Health and average life span. Strong and resistant breed, due to its physical shape it is predisposed to spinal disorders, as happens to dachshunds. Like other herding dogs, he can suffer genetically from hip dysplasia. His life, following a healthy and protected style in the family, can reach 15 years. The teeth can be kept healthy and tartar-free with the use of a dog toothbrush or treats made especially for the oral hygiene of dogs.
  • Diet. Must follow a healthy diet, with the right balance of nutrients, proteins and minerals. It is recommended to feed him 2 times a day food for dogs small-medium size. The vet will be able to recommend the right nutritional intake to keep him always lively and healthy.
  • Grooming. The coat is short, hard and straight, waterproof with a thick undercoat. It is easily kept clean, just brush it weekly. It thus allows all dead hair to fall out. He sheds a lot of hair, but brushing frequently tends to leave less hair lying around. Cleaning is easy, with a little paper or a soft cloth, as soon as you return from the walk, just rub it with a little water and vinegar. Also check your nails. The bath can also be done at home, there will be no need for professional grooming.

Why choose a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This dog can immediately appear perfect for many families: small, short-haired, good and faithful, suitable for children.

In fact, it has excellent qualities:

  • good ability to adapt, even in the apartment, but its natural habitat is the meadows of Wales, it should not be forgotten. Hence, he will need to walk every day, even if the weather is bad. And, above all, to walk on flat ground. His short legs don’t allow him big leaps.
  • it can also be adopted as the first dogwithout having any experience, because it is easy to manage.
  • is sociable with everyone and it’s not difficult to carry around. It is an affectionate dog with family and children.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

<>Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Choosing to adopt a dog is a commitment and it is also important to know some negative aspects of this breed:

  • loses a lot of hair, especially during moulting. It is recommended to take it outside and brush it every day. If it rains, it can be cleaned and dried with a soft cloth, so as to facilitate the fall of the hair outside.
  • he is greedytends to get fat and you need to know how to regulate his food, keeping him always active and in motion.
  • is a dog that barks a lot, every time a stranger approaches, what to consider is you live in a condominium.
  • it tends to bite at the hock of other animalsit must therefore be educated from a puppy not to do it.

Where to buy a Pembroke Corgi: farms in Italy

To adopt a Pembroke puppy you must contact certified breeders with ENCI affix. In Italy it is not a very widespread breed, but there are specialized breeders:

  • Kennel Vanth Welsh Corgi Pembroke in the province of Viterbo
  • Corgi Grancast in the province of Vicenza
  • Corgi Redhill in the province of Florence
  • Pemslive in Bologna
  • Welshcorgimania in Benevento

How much what a Pembroke Corgi puppy

A puppy with pedigree, costs on average between 1,500 and 2,000 $.

It is advisable to contact certified breeders who can provide you with all the necessary health documentation and who are reliable as to the origin of the purebred dog. It is therefore better to prefer those with ENCI affix.

After the initial expenditure, a minimum power expenditure of about 30-40 $ per month should be considered for thedog feedingin addition to the initial costs of kennel, toys, pet carrier, brush and all routine veterinary visits.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Queen Elizabeth’s dog

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