Bearded Collie: character, care, breeding and nutrition

The Bearded Collie is a lively dog ​​with a good and affectionate character. He’s a shepherd dog of medium size, native to Scotland, and adapts well to the presence of other animals. Curious and sociable, it is a breed very loyal to its owner and affectionate even with children. It is not used to biting and does not require special care. A faithful and honest dog, with many virtues, with a beautiful long and thick coat and his characteristic beard.

Among the British dogs, we know the Bearded Collie

In short, they are the dogs suitable for children, to be adopted in the family or where other pets are present, even in the apartment, preferably with an open space available. But pay attention to the hair it is a lot and should be brushed often!

What you need to know about this dog breed, not to be confused with the Border Collie, before adopting one? Let’s start by knowing its origins and its appearance, even its character.

Bearded Collie: physical description of the dog

Called more simply Beardiesthe British breed of sheepdogs, are lively and intelligent, full of energy, of Scottish origin where they were used as working dogs in the flocks of sheep. Movement is agile and coordinated.

Of medium size, the male measures up to 56 cm at the withers while the female reaches 53 cm, has a dense and long two-colored or tricolor hair, including gray, black, blue, brown.

  • Head: it is proportionate to the size of the dog
  • Truffle: large and black pigmented or in harmony with the color of the coat.
  • Eyes: they have a color that harmonizes with that of the coat, between brown and black, they are big and sweet eyes
  • Ears: medium in size, hanging down
  • Teeth: they are large and white with nice strong jaws
  • Tail: it is covered with abundant hair, it stays with the tip up while the dog walks
  • P.elo: it is large and abundant, it does not need any details grooming. Its thick coat is excellent protection from both cold and heat
  • Main feature: it’s his beard. The long hair that starts from the cheeks, lower lips and lower chin region, and runs down to the chest.

Origins and history of the Bearded Collie

This is one of the oldest dog breeds in Europe, although their name has changed over time: first known as Highland Collie or Mountain Collie.

The current name originates in Scotland, where as early as 1500 they were used by farmers as a working dog for the flock of sheep.

The current breed was bred and then first adopted by GO Willison who began breeding and breeding it as a show dog after World War II in Great Britain and who then spread the breed throughout Europe.

In the 60s they also arrived in the USA where the breed, much appreciated, was soon recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Bearded Collie: character

Strong of character, faithful forever to its owner, it is a sweet and affectionate animal, a faithful friend for the whole family, including children.

Protects children and plays with them, without ever being aggressive. This dog he is not inclined to bitealthough males may be less patient than females.

bearded collie
Yet he sees us .. Despite the thick coat, the Bearded Collie sees us, and how!

Bearded Collie puppy character

The puppy of this sheepdog is a real playful. As soon as he recognizes the role of master in the family he is faithful to it forever and totally entrusts himself without ever abandoning it.

He is a very lively, active and full of energy puppy. Growing up he becomes a stable, confident and intelligent dog, without ever having signs of aggression.

Sociality of the Bearded Collie

It is a curious and sociable breed, generally it does not show difficulties in socializing with other dogs but also with other animals.

If you have others in the house pets as a cata hamster or if you live in the countryside with one hen or other pets, this Collie is a great choice. Faithful to his adoptive family forever, he can still be one of the best pet dogs and it can also prove to be great for defense, even if it’s not among the watchdogsbecause, when attacked, it is a strong and courageous animal.

Bearded Collie: feeding

L’dog feeding of this breed must be balanced and should not overdo it with food because it tends to gain weight. If overfed, it loses agility and tends to have a shorter lifespan.

In fact, it needs to always keep moving, to run, to be outdoors to keep the metabolism well active.

Her diet for keeping fit includes a maximum of 2 cups of food for dogs high quality and rich in protein per day.

bearded collie<>bearded collie
This breed can be fairly active: never neglect proper nutrition!

Bordier collie: health and life expectancy

If you have a good quality of life, have no particular pathologies and live healthy up to 14-16 years.

A strong, tenacious breed that resists both low temperatures and heat well, thanks to the thick and long hair that protects it.

In order for its life to be longer and healthier, we remind you of a few characteristics: it is an animal that needs space, open air, to run, must not eat too much and must always keep fit, loves company and seeks affection.

Bearder collie in the apartment

For his life to be long and happy, the Bearded would need outdoor spaces, but this does not exclude the possibility of adopting this puppy even if you live in an apartment. The important thing is to give him the necessary space to move and play.

If you live in an apartment you must take care to take him out several times a day and never miss out on walks in the park and socializing with other dogs.

He can stay in the apartment alone even for some time, he does not bark and usually does not bother and does not cause trouble. Caution but not to leave him alone for too long, because he tends to suffer from loneliness and get bored.

How much does a Bearded Collie puppy cost

Like other purebred puppies, it costs between 1,000 and 1,500 $ if equipped with pedigree. To adopt it, it is advisable to contact professional and ENCI certified breeders who will be able to guarantee the purity of the breed and who will accompany you in the growth path of the puppy.

In addition to the initial purchase cost of the puppy, it should not be forgotten that the dog in the family is an added expense: this breed does not cost much because it does not need special grooming, it is healthy and eats relatively poso. It is estimated an average cost of 100-150 $ per month for its maintenance.

Bearded Collie<>Bearded Collie
Good, loyal and intelligent: this is the identikit of this dog breed.

Bearded Collie farms in Italy

In Italy this breed is not very widespread, but there are several specialized farms. We list the most famous, certified by the competent bodies, which are located in Lombardy or Tuscany

  • Be & Be in Como
  • Gremontree in the province of Pavia
  • Philabeg in the province of Varese
  • Breeding of Poggio al Tesoro of Pisa
  • Breeding Heart fearless of Pisa

Why choose a Bearded Collie

Adopting a puppy dog ​​is always a commitment that should not be underestimated and before taking this step you must be ready to accept any difficulties or new limitations, efforts that will be repaid with infinite affection and total fidelity.

Let’s try to see what the pros and cons are in choosing this dog breed.

The pros of the Bearded Collie

Why choose it:

  • is sociableknows how to stay with the family, adapts to the needs of the owner, does not fight with other dogs and is therefore easy to always carry with you
  • it is never aggressive, is a good and affectionate dog, who loves to play with children. Therefore prefect for families
  • is a sheepdogtherefore, he loves being in the open fields, but over time he has also adapted to apartment life: just take him out often!
  • it’s smart and you can sing about him. He understands the master and is never intrusive
  • gets along well with other pets as well for example i cats

It is not essential in the choice of adopting a puppy but it is still a characteristic to its advantage that denotes its character: it is used as a dog for the Pet Therapy because it tends to perceive the need of others for special attention and affection.

Cons of the Bearded Collie

Yes, it has some flaws, which must be learned before choosing to adopt a puppy:

  • has long and thick hair, a bit challenging because it gets dirty often, knots are formed that must be brushed frequently, with special brushes, just to avoid the formation of lumps of hair with leaves and earth. Like all long-haired dogs needs a bath at least twice a month. So be careful, if you live in an apartment because this is a commitment!
  • does not bite or bark at strangers: this is basically a virtue of this breed, but becomes a disadvantage if you are looking for a guard dog. It is not a dog that conceives the idea of ​​defending a property, he can defend his owner, but not a house
  • too independent: it seems that this breed, although completely devoted to its master, has the instinct to go away and be free. He must therefore be trained carefully so that he understands where his independence ends.

Helpful insights into other sheepdogs

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Bearded Collie: character, care, breeding and nutrition

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