Sphynx cat: character, education, care and price

Despite its Canadian origins, the name of the Sphynx Cat derives from the sphinx of Giza. Like her, this cat has a muscular body, strong character and the total absence of a coat. Let’s find out what there is to know about this incredible feline.

What you need to know about the Sphynx cat, a truly original cat

Sphynx cat origins

The specimens originating from Sphynx cat they came to America in the early twentieth century, but the first farms were born in the seventies, in Canada. For this reason, he is also named Canadian Sphynx.

Sphynx cat appearance

This ‘naked cat’ is therefore characterized by the particular conformation of the dermis:

  • The version Rubber (i.e. ‘rubber’), has a very elastic and soft skin,
  • That Peach (fishing), appears silky to the touch,
  • That Wax (aka ‘wax’), it is smooth but non-slip.

The absence of hair is caused by a change of the recessive gender for the coat. This is actually a great advantage for the Sphynx, who can live like this too in the apartments of allergic persons. Despite this, however, it can have different colors: brindle (tabby), in spots, point And tortie (tortoiseshell).

But this is not its only feature. According to the breed standard, this cat must have ears placed, open at the base And beveled on top. His eyeslarge and expressive, they have a ‘lemon’ shape like those of Thaibut they can be any color.

Sphynx Cat
Despite being hairless, the Spynx cat can have different colors and characteristics that distinguish its skin

The head, in a triangle shape, appears enlarged at the top and elongated at the bottom. The stop is slightly marked, as are the cheekbones, while the neck is muscular, medium-long and sturdyespecially in males.

The Sphynx also features arched shoulders and slender body but of medium length. The legs are also long and elegant, thanks to prominent and sinuous toes. The chest is, like the belly, convex and has wrinkled skin.

The tail is thin at the tip and sturdy at the base; it may have a tuft on the final part, called ‘lion’s tail’.

sphynx cat<>sphynx cat
Long face, large ears, little pronounced stop and almond-shaped eyes: it is the Sphynx

Sphynx cat character

Extremely intelligent and not at all suspicious, the Sphynx can get along well with both humans and other pets. Cheerful, affectionate, he suffers from loneliness, for this reason, he loves the home life.

The Sphynx cat likes to be exposed to the sun in the cold season. Remember to protect her delicate skin with sunscreen and wipe sweat away with wet wipes.

Sphynx cat care

There Canadian Sphynx it suffers more than any other breed from the cold, so it is necessary to keep it as much as possible at homewhere to prepare everything you need to make him feel warm.

For this same reason, it will be necessary feed it with high protein foods, which keep the skin between 38 ° and 39 °. It has a fast metabolism, so it will eat a lot and often.

On colder days, he may feel the desire to lie down in the sun, in these cases, it will be a good idea protect it with a protective cream high SPF. And since sweats, it will need to be cleaned with damp wipes.

More than other breeds, it needs cleaning of the ears, as the lack of hair increases the formation of earwax. In the same way, it goes paid some attention to the eyes, since he does not have eyelashes, he is subject to more tearing. To clean the lower rim, just soak a cotton swab with an antibacterial and soothing solution.

Females can suffer from Hypetrofic Heart Disease (HCM)a disease that can be avoided in future generations if mating is done by experienced breeders.

sphynx cat<>sphynx cat
When it comes to the Sphynx, the appearance is deceiving: it is in fact a very affectionate and playful feline

Sphynx cat price

It is not easy to find Italian Sphynx cat farms. The prices are also really high and vary from 800 to 1,200 $, up to 2,000-2,500 for breeding specimens.

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Sphynx cat: character, education, care and price

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