Sacred cat of Burma: character, education and price

Its beauty is given by the contrast between the color of the coat, which tends to be light with a dark muzzle, and its sapphire blue eyes: we are talking about the sacred cat of Burma, a sociable feline, with an elegant bearing and soft fur. His origins are shrouded in mystery …

Sacred cat of Burma, a sociable feline waiting to be discovered

His own story

What is known for certain is that the first sacred cat of Burma was a female arrived in France in 1919 as a gift. Major Gordon Russell received it as a thank you for saving the temples of Lao Tsun.

A legend says instead that the sacred cat of Burma was born by divine will. In a monastery in Burma there was a white cat with yellow eyesfaithful companion of one of the monks devoted to the goddess Tsun Kian Kse.

During the onslaught of the infidels, the master was killed. The cat climbed onto the body of its master, staring at the goddess icon, waiting for a spell to bring him back to life. Moved by so much fidelity, the goddess decided to transform his hair in gold and his eyes in sapphires. A change that it was valid for all descendants of the feline, thus giving birth to the breed of the sacred cat of Burma.

Sacred cat of Burma appearance

The sacred cat of Burma has a medium size and a longer build than the legs. The profile it is delicate and well proportionedin fact the nose has no stop, the chin goes straight down to the nose and the head is heart-shaped: not too round, not too angular.

The sacred cat of Burma has a stop-free nose, large, well-placed ears and perfect blue eyes

The eyes are a clear blue, without streaks or shades of green. The ears are small and arched, the feet small and oval and it has no undercoat.

Despite its slender build, which gives it an elegant bearing, the sacred cat of Burma has medium size and excellent musculature, which it conceals under a thick, medium-long and silky hair.

Colors range from seal-point (dark gray tending to black) with variant blue-point (lighter gray tending to lilac), the most classic, al chocolate passing through the red And creambut always in the patchy version of Siamese type.

Actually this cat born whiteits particular color is defined after one year and in the winter season.

sacred cat of burma red<>sacred cat of burma red
The standard of the sacred cat of Burma is that the coat is pure white, while the gloves, muzzle, tail and ears can be gray, red or cream.

Sacred cat of Burma character

Sociable, docile, loves family life but he is also very curious. So pay attention to the pots on the fire, don’t leave small objects lying around and give them space to get out.

Elegant, faithful, he is also a great playful, that’s why he goes very agree with children.

The sacred cat of Burma gets along very well with its owners. He often stares at them for a long time, but without arrogance or rivalry

During meals, the male allows the female and the cubs to feed themselves first, for this as well as alert and activethe sacred cat of Burma has earned the nickname of ‘gentle cat’.

This cat has another specificity: unlike other cat breeds, it tends to create a very intimate bond with its owners, so much so that comes to imitate their attitudes.

Breeding and care

This cat does not require special care, except those related to the maintenance of its coat. To keep it smooth and shiny, it will be enough brush it at least twice a week with a carder.

As for food, he appreciates both wet and dry, which he can handle on his own. So it is a feline that does not tend to obesity.

The sacred cat of Burma is affectionate, alert and lively. He is very fond of climbing, nibbling and hiding

Sacred cat of Burma prices

In Italy there are some certified breeding of this cat. Prices they are around 700 $. For racing specimens, you can touch the ceiling of the 1,300. But it is also possible to find some puppies online, as a gift or for sale at a minor price.

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Sacred cat of Burma: character, education and price

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