Exotic Shorthair cat: character, particularities, care and price

The cat Exotic Shorthair it is distinguished by its flattened snout and close-set eyes. It is a short-haired cat that has a lot in common with one of its ancestors: the British Shorthairlazy but sociable, suitable for the quiet rhythms of apartment life and with a certain tendency to gain weight if you are not careful about nutrition.

What you need to know about the Exotic Shorthair cat, a breed born from a recent selection

L’Exotic Shorthair has many points of contact with his brothers, the Persian and the British Shorthair. With them mostly shares the type of coat: as short as that of the Britishvelvety like that of the Persian.

Like the latter, is a cat that is the result of a recent crossbreeding and selection: its origins are to be found in the United States, at the turn of the sixties. The standards were defined in 1967.

Exotic Shorthair appearance

As the name implies, in the veins of the ancestors Exotic Shorthair some of the blood of the Burmese flows.

The typically Asian characteristics of this feline are confirmed especially in the flattened snout and in the short nose.

Big head, strong build, medium-short tail, slightly elongated eyes and thick and short legs belong more to his other three ancestors: the Persian, the British and theAmerican Shorthair.

All the color combinations of the Exotic Shorthair’s coat are the same accepted for the Persian, therefore also the parti-color, the tabby, the chinchilla and the colourpoint

Exotic Shorthair Character

Smart and sweet, affectionate but lazy: L’Exotic Shorthair he is a cat of contrasts, but with a perfect character for apartment life; in fact he sleeps a lot and meows little.

Although he is not very agile, he turns out to be a great hunter of mice, like his ancestor British Shorthair. Friendly, loves both young and old; it is in fact so easy to educate and manage, that it is often chosen for programs pet therapy.

Docile and patient, he easily undergoes cleaning and grooming operations, which are less demanding than his Persian ‘cousin’.

Exotic Shorthair Character<>Exotic Shorthair Character
Despite being docile and lazy, the Exotic Shorthair has a liveliness and quick reflexes that he unleashes as an excellent mouse hunter

Exotic Shorthair care and particularity

The cat Exotic Shorthair it is one of the longest in existence: it has an average life of 14 years. He appreciates both dry and wet canned food, but be careful as it tends to get fattherefore it is good to always feed it in a balanced way.

In reality, true concern must be reserved for the eyes, rather delicate. Being oblique but protruding, they tend to tear frequently.

Therefore, they should be cleaned every day with a cotton swab moistened with a sanitizing and soothing substance, purchased ad hoc. The hair, on the other hand, will go brushed at least twice a week, so that it remains shiny and soft. During the moulting period even every day.

The coat of the Exotic Shorthair requires less care than that of the Persian. It is the eyes, in fact, that are more delicate

He will get used to the bathroom from an early age, as the hair will need to be washed at least 2-4 times a year. An operation necessary above all to remove the dead undercoat.

Exotic Shorthair price

The price ofExotic Shorthair it can range from 400 to 900 $but it is not impossible to find puppies as gifts.

exotic shorthair cat<>exotic shorthair cat
Pay attention to nutrition, because it tends to gain weight quite easily.

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Exotic Shorthair cat: character, particularities, care and price

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