The French bulldog, a great charmer – See details

History of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a fairly young breed. She was bred and bred by humans from the second half of the 19th century. Canine experts don’t quite agree on the origins of this breed. It is assumed that they were simply English bulldogs imported into France crossed with terriers, because hunters were discovering this breed. Pugs are also said to have played a role in the history of the French Bulldog. It was in 1898 that the breed finally became official. The famous founder of the breed was the male “Loupi”, which appears in almost all herd books.

Their name, spelled “bulldog” in English literally means bull dog. This would come from bullfights where a bull was released in the middle of several mastiffs. Following the prohibition of these cruel fights, the history of bulldogs fortunately took another direction and they became companion dogs. Today, French Bulldogs are popular all over the world. We see more and more celebrities falling in love with these charming four-legged friends.

Character and behavior

At first glance, the French bulldog may seem a bit fierce. However, this impression is misleading. He is a very happy dog, always ready to play and very gentle in nature. The French Bulldog is a vigilant and loyal dog that likes to stay with its master. He also loves children and is suitable for the elderly, as he does not need much exercise. The French Bulldog is a dog that likes to clown around, but it also likes to be quiet to rest.


Like all other mastiffs, the French bulldog needs authority. Patience and firmness will convince this stubborn little one to cooperate. The education of this little ball of hair must be early to allow him to integrate better within society. The firmness of learning must be nuanced by great gentleness during the educational sessions. The expression “to have a velvet glove in an iron hand” could not be more appropriate for this little dog.


When it comes to the health of French bulldogs, there are many little things to pay attention to. Indeed, some breeders seek to obtain dogs with the shortest head possible. Because of this, mastiffs suffer from brachycephaly which leads to breathing and snoring problems. Some French Bulldogs suffer from herniated nictitating glands. This occurs most of the time when the dog is young and can be operated on if necessary.

French Bulldog

Regarding the diet of your bulldog, pay attention to its weight. This is because most French Bulldogs tend to be overweight, which obviously should be avoided. The ideal is a food rich in meat without cereals, because they can cause stomach problems.

The French bulldog is therefore an ideal companion for a family lifestyle, even in an apartment. To ensure good health, his diet must be healthy and balanced. With See details, you have a wide range of choices for feeding your dog and especially your French bulldog.

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The French bulldog, a great charmer – See details

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