Is your cat drinking enough?


How much do cats drink?

Summer, sun, cat drinks – you should take this into account so that your cat is supplied with sufficient liquid

Do you sometimes wonder if your cat is drinking enough? The water bowl often seems to empty slowly. Find out how much cats should drink and which drinks are particularly recommended for cats.

This is how much cats should drink every day

Cats are originally desert animals that can survive for a relatively long time without drinking water. And cats love nothing more than lying comfortably in the sun. Because they don’t sweat to regulate their body temperature, they also evaporate little liquid. If it gets too warm for them, they instinctively look for a cool, shady spot.

Cats get most of the fluid they need throughout the day from their food. Mice or other small prey provide outdoor cats with the necessary liquid. With a species-appropriate meat diet with a high proportion of wet food, cats are usually supplied with sufficient liquid. The situation is different if you mainly feed dry food. Then your cat also needs a lot of water.

Cats tend to form urinary stones if they don’t drink enough fluids.

If the cat does not drink enough fluids, this can also lead to dangerous dehydration. The first warning signs are a severely reduced urine output, a dry mouth and loss of appetite. Therefore, make sure that your cat is always supplied with water. Cats need around 50 milliliters of fluid per kilogram of body weight every day. If your cat weighs five kilograms, it needs around 250 milliliters of liquid per day. Feeding wet food covers between 70 and 80 percent of your cat’s daily fluid needs.

Water is a species-appropriate drink for cats

Water is a species-appropriate drink for cats – because wild cats also drink water from puddles and shallow waters in the terrain. Outdoor cats like it too, drinking from plates and jars in gardens and from puddles or licking the dew off the grass. If you drink little water at home, you don’t have to worry as much about outdoor cats. If it hasn’t rained for a long time in summer, however, your cat will find fewer and fewer water spots outside.

Incidentally, eating and drinking do not belong together for cats. Many cats are reluctant to drink right next to their food, but will do well to have a bowl somewhere else in the home. Moving water is also particularly attractive to cats. You can use a cat fountain to get cats that are particularly lazy to drink more water. Be sure to clean the cat fountain regularly and thoroughly. If a drinking fountain can’t encourage your cat to drink because the water just doesn’t taste like it, there is now a special cat drink. Offer her Miamor’s Vital Drink. Due to its special taste and the fine pieces of meat, this encourages drinking – much more interesting than pure water.

This is how cats spoon water with their tongues

By the way, when cats drink water, they don’t put their whole tongue into the water, only the tip of their tongue, then roll it back and let the water flow down their throat. They spoon the water into their mouths, so to speak.

Why cats shouldn’t drink milk

Many cats like to drink milk. But milk is not a suitable drink for them, even though people often assume it is. In countless fairy tales and stories there are cats that drink sweet milk from a bowl. And many cat owners still give their cat milk to drink.

Milk is not recommended for cats because it contains lactose that is difficult to digest.

Cats cannot digest milk sugar, also called lactose. Therefore, vomiting often occurs after cats drink milk. Therefore, do not give your cat milk to drink. It is different with special cat milk. It’s lactose-free, so you can give it with no worries.

Special cat drinks provide enough liquid for your cat

In addition to special cat milk that contains no lactose, there are other cat drinks in the pet food trade. Most cats are very happy to eat them and are thus motivated to drink enough. In addition to meat juice, cat drinks also contain small pieces of meat or fish and are rich in minerals. Because no sugar is added, they are particularly low in calories and therefore an ideal drink. You must like a cat drink Miamor drinking fine with less than 20 kcal / 100g can hardly be counted in the amount of calories that your cat consumes per day. It is worth offering a cat drink, especially for cats who are lazy about drinking. But all the other cats will also enjoy the variety.

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