abscess in cats

An abscess is one encapsulated collection of pus in the tissue. The causes of an abscess in cats are common bite injuries or minor scratches after a fight. But puncture wounds from thorns, a tooth disease (e.g. gingivitis) or an inhaled foreign body (e.g. small plant particles with barbs) can also be the reason for an abscess.

How does an abscess form? About the wound bacteria enter the body and multiply there. It can collect pus in a tissue void and become encapsulated from surrounding tissue by connective tissue produced. An abscess in cats is often visible to the naked eye as a pus-filled lump. But the cat owner does not always notice it immediately. The wound can also be small and unremarkable.

An abscess often forms just under the skin in cats, but it can also involve underlying tissues, such as muscles or organs. An abscess in cats causes the following symptoms:

  • reddening of the tissue
  • swelling of the skin
  • Palpable lumps under the skin
  • Movement restrictions, such as limping (depending on which body region is affected)
  • Pains
  • touch sensitivity

If the abscess cavity in the cat has ruptured and they go pathogens from the abscess into the blood or other organs, general signs of illness are added. This includes:

  • exhaustion
  • Pains
  • loss of appetite
  • Fever

a notice: If a bite injury is the cause of the abscess, pet owners usually notice a bloody wound in the cat, sometimes also fresh scabs.

If the abscess goes undetected, it will always form more pus. The cat will lick the affected area and the fur may fall out. The abscess continues to swell and “mature.” Eventually, the cat’s abscess is so large that he breaks up and the pus comes out. If the cat’s abscess has opened, must the wound to be cleaned.

abscess in cats

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