So the new year will be a success for you and your cat

Happiness, health and contentment – that’s what we all want for the New Year. You can tell if your cat is happy or not by whether she

  • often purrs
  • walks through its territory with its tail raised
  • jumps onto the sofa next to you and relaxes there
  • eats regularly
  • Seeks your company and follows you everywhere

Depending on whether they live in a quiet or lively household, your cat will appreciate a little more action or a place to retreat to. A new toy can add variety.

Most cats are happy when their people interact with them. They feel comfortable when they get enough pats. They like to be cuddled and brushed – especially when they change their fur. Then treat yourself and your cat to regular cuddles.

If, on the other hand, your cat is not a snuggler at all, give it its space. In difficult cases, in which the animal is behaving abnormally, is hyperactive and generally does not make a happy impression, it can make sense to consult an animal trainer. He or she will support you in making your cat more balanced.

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You will see: This will not only make your cat happier. Scientific research has shown that cats make us happy. So cats don’t really need that much – just the important things regularly: good food, exercise and a lot of love. Then it will be a happy new year.

So the new year will be a success for you and your cat

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