Interview on animal feed

Kiessling: It goes without saying that we test all of our feed products before they go on sale. Among other things, we commission institutes to do this. However, the cats that test our food each live with a private individual who has registered their pet for this study. The test procedure is rather routine – because this is the only way to create realistic conditions for the test: Employees drive home to the study participants, feed the new product to the cat for a certain time and write down what they notice. We then evaluate the results for our further product development.

We have our feed products analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively by accredited institutes to ensure the perfect composition.

schindler: Of course, the cats of our employees are also very important. We only give out what our own animals have tried beforehand. Miamor employees who have a cat also feed the test products to their animals – we would never do it any other way. Only if a product has been approved by our cats will it go on sale. We are a family business and this direct approach is very important to us.

Interview on animal feed

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