How much dry food and wet food do cats need? The right amount and the optimal ratio

At Miamor, we prefer wet food to dry food because we believe it is more species-appropriate. Cats are naturally carnivores, meaning they eat meat.

Wet food usually has a significantly higher proportion of meat and meat by-products than dry food.

With dry food you should make sure you have enough liquid

Another important point: the cat’s need for water is naturally covered by the wet food. Cats are originally desert animals that absorb liquid mainly through their food. Wet food is therefore species-appropriate. If you feed dry food, your cat has to drink a lot more water. This can be a challenge as many cats drink little and are at risk of dehydration. You should give the cat about two and a half times the weight of dry food in liquid. So if you give 30 grams of dry food, you should provide about two and a half times as much water: 75 milliliters.

Too much dry food always carries the risk of gradual dehydration in the cat. Kidney stones can form as a result of dehydration. You may not notice this at first because the cat is fine and drinking. But:

It is very difficult for cats to get all of their fluid needs from direct water intake.

Especially if the cat was previously used to wet food, it is likely that it will not be able to drink enough if it is only given dry food. Our tip: If your cat doesn’t drink much, you can help with some cat drinks. Most cats take them very well and drink significantly more.

Wet food has another advantage: it is high in meat and meat by-products, which naturally contain vitamins that cats need to live. Because dry food, on the other hand, contains less meat, vitamins have to be added to a greater extent than with wet food. However, the usability of added vitamins is never equivalent to that of naturally contained vitamins.

Dry or wet food?

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