cats in winter

Winter weather doesn’t change much for indoor cats. However, if your cat is an outdoor cat, things are different. You’ve probably already noticed that cats don’t like going outside as much in winter. Cold and snowfall ensure that they spend significantly more time in the warm house.

Outdoor cats go outside less often in winter

As much as outdoor cats like to roam around in their territory: when it’s cold and snowing, they usually prefer a warm apartment. If your cat can go in and out through a cat flap, she can decide for herself how long she wants to stay outside.

If you let your cat in through the door or window, be prepared for the cat to want to come back in more often than usual.

Especially when snow has fallen, many cats hesitate to go outside and do not like to enter the snow. If a lot of fresh snow has fallen, cats sink in quickly and therefore avoid walking over heavily snow-covered areas and closed snowpack. Snow is therefore not as exciting for cats as it is for dogs. However:

Cats usually watch dancing snowflakes with great interest – indoor cats also like to look out of the window.

You can watch young cats slapping or snapping at the flakes with their paws.

Watch your cat’s weight in winter

In order to maintain a sufficient body temperature, it is essential that your cat gets enough species-appropriate food in winter. The natural layer of fat on the body then protects against the cold in addition to the fur. Winter is therefore not the best time of year to persuade a fat cat to lose weight. It is better to postpone this for a few more weeks until it becomes milder again. Cats recovering from an illness or who are underweight will benefit from a rebuilding diet to help them gain weight.

cats in winter

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