Act more sustainably when it comes to cat food?

Kiessling: Clear! Tin cans are very stable. Therefore, they are suitable for storing other things when the food is gone. They are useful, for example, as boxes for pens or cutlery holders. You can also easily decorate the material, i.e. paint or glue it. If you know you plan to upcycle the cans later, it’s best not to use a pull ring to open them. This leaves a sharp edge on the inside of the can. There is a risk of injury here. A safety can opener that cuts right along the edge is more suitable. You can also carefully smooth out sharp edges that occur when working on the can with sandpaper.

schindler: Empty cans are also given a new purpose as lanterns. Use a hammer and nail to punch patterns into the sheet metal. Then equip it with a tea light, embellish it with color if necessary – the lantern is ready. A little tip: If you keep filling the cans with water, they will eventually lose their protective coating. After that they start to rust. For some DIY projects you might want that shabby chic – if not, you should protect the cans from too much water.

Act more sustainably when it comes to cat food?

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