Traveling with a dog: where to go in Austria and worldwide?

Travel carefree with your dog

Vacation and time out – the best time of the year. But where to go on holiday with your beloved four-legged friend? Of course he comes with us when we travel. Because wherever mistress and master are, man’s best friend would also like to be. If you follow the tips below, everyone will get their money’s worth.

With the right precautions, the holiday for people and dogs will be a complete success, Photo: ©Shutterstock

So that the holiday pleases dog and person, choose the destination carefully

The right travel destination is the most important prerequisite for dogs and people to benefit from the holiday. Check your basic preferences. Do you prefer to travel far away or do you want to get to know your own country better? It depends on what means of transport you will use and how long the journey will take. Most dogs don’t mind riding in the car if you take a little rest at least every two hours. But it is better to test beforehand whether your dog is an exception and suffers from motion sickness. Then get preventive medication from your veterinarian in good time. Nowadays, dogs can also travel very comfortably by plane if you choose a comfortable airline. Light and air conditioning should be standard. Adequate attention before take-off and immediately after landing is desirable. Choose the right one for your dog from a variety of offers.

Choose dog-friendly accommodation

There is space in the smallest hut if you like to have your dog with you. But that alone is not enough. Regardless of the size of the accommodation, it should be a dog-friendly offer. Search specifically for one dog hotel, a pension that is prepared for animal guests or a campsite for dog lovers. There, visitors feel less disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the four-legged friends. The dog hotel is characterized by the fact that it offers a special service for dogs. These include, for example, special wellness treatments for four-legged friends, a pool in which the animal companion can really work out or a selection of different dog menus.

Whether on the high seas or traveling by car: Test beforehand whether your four-legged friend suffers from motion sickness and, if necessary, get the appropriate medication from the vet, Photo: Pixabay

What activities can dogs and humans expect?

Lazing around is not an option for dogs, even if they like to snooze for hours. How about an active holiday on the beach? On dog beaches, dogs are not only allowed, but welcome. In most cases, there are free waste bags available in these areas, and there are also appropriate disposal options. It should go without saying that his dog’s legacies should be removed. After all, all visitors want to feel comfortable on the beach. Anyone who cannot accurately assess how high-spirited their dog is in the water should take a leash with them as a precaution, so that the four-legged friend does not swim too far into the open sea. With a little training, the dog will also feel comfortable on the boat. A small trip on the water is therefore not a problem. A life jacket ensures his safety. It should fit well so that the dog’s freedom of movement is not restricted. In addition to a green area for playing and relaxing, dog-friendly holiday homes offer a fence that keeps the dog from escaping. Here he can run after his favorite ball or follow the dog Frisbee. If you prefer to walk or cycle with your dog, choose hiking and cycling trails that suit its constitution. Take drinking water for the dog with you on the go. Foldable travel bowls save space and are lightweight.

Are there entry requirements for the dog?

Whether you for the Dog entry requirements need to consider depends on your travel destination. If you are traveling in Germany, you should carry the vaccination card with you in case your dog gets sick. Register your animal with an animal registry, for example TASSO. If it is lost, it can be found more quickly this way. The same applies if the trip takes you abroad. Furthermore, you must observe the entry regulations applicable to the country. Within the EU, your dog needs a current vaccination status, which is entered in the EU pet passport. There may also be regulations as to how long ago each vaccination may have been. Not all races are allowed to enter every country. It is best to find out about the regulations in the long term. Information on this is provided, among other things, by: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture or

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